Top TikTok Trends: What Videos to Make to Attract Attention!

TikTok Trends

Trends on the TikTok platform tend to change quickly depending on many factors such as current events, new memes, popular songs, etc.

The best way to familiarize yourself with current trends is to browse the TikTok platform itself and keep an eye on active hashtags and content that is gaining popularity at the moment.

We’ll take a look at the main trends that are making content popular on this platform.

New and unusual ways of processing

Viewers on TikTok perceive content primarily visually. Therefore, you need to do something new for them, to which their eyes are not yet accustomed. For this purpose, it is recommended to use interesting applications that have new processing tools and fresh ideas, for example,

Adding a variety of effects that many viewers have not yet seen will help to attract attention. And if the processing is also of high enough quality, the views will grow very quickly.

The key role in this is played by TikTok editing app, because not every blogger knows how to make processing to make it look fresh and original. VJump is one of the few apps that does some of the work for the blogger himself, so that professional processing will turn out for everyone, even if the user has no experience.

Music that everyone listens to

Users often underestimate the music in TikTok, and for nothing, because it can serve not only as a powerful catalyst for attention, but also as a source of inspiration. The fact is that when the average social media user is scrolling through the feed, he chooses whether or not to linger on a video based on the visual and audio component.

If he or she hears from the first second that the music track is a trending sound that everyone is listening to right now, he or she is more likely to linger on the video.

If the next part is as engaging, which you can achieve with TikTok video editor, then you will engage another viewer and get an additional subscriber.

Mesmerizing movements on the screen

When starting to edit a TikTok video, think about whether there is something hypnotizing and enticing about it. For example, it could be:

  • smooth dancing;
  • hand movements;
  • movement of some kind of props on the screen.

It is important that the movement is repeated, it is good if it will be looped. Psychologically, viewers will be soothed, because of which they will stay on the video and will increase the number of views for you.

You can choose an idea for such a video in the best TikTok editing app VJump, as there are already a lot of templates, which are more likely to get in the recommendations than videos made by a blogger from scratch.

Article and permission to publish here provided as Contributed Content. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on April 2, 2024.

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