9 Small Business Marketing Ideas to Scale Your Marketing!

Small Business Marketing Ideas

As with the power of social media and the internet, no business is small, and nothing is impossible. You just have the willpower to be able to succeed and actualize your small business marketing ideas.

You know the golden rule in marketing is that you promote your product or services where there is lots of attention. And social media has grabbed people’s attention, so the biggest advantage that you are having is that people are already on social media and you just have to put out the content regarding your brand so that people can know you and your services and products.

In this article we collected tips for small business marketing ideas that you can use to scale your business.

1. Social Media

Wherever and whenever you see people holding their phones, most people are on social media platforms. There is no doubt that social media has become an integral part of our lives these days. With more internet availability nowadays, people are spending more time on these social media platforms. 

While posting on social media you should have a social media strategy of your own as a roadmap to how you will proceed with things. if you are posting a photo with some weird object in the background, that won’t look good. 

depositphotos.com will remove the background in a matter of seconds, and you are good to go with posting. Hire a graphic intern or a social media intern for your social media handles.

2. Email marketing

If you are looking to target new customers, then email marketing can prove a vital strategy in scaling your business. Research shows that 73% of millennials interact with emails, and like to receive business communications through emails.

Emails are a free and easy method to communicate with your future clients. It is flexible for both operator and client to communicate about business over emails. 

You can have a list of your email subscribers and send them emails regularly by choosing appropriate tools like MailChimp etc.

Keep your email subscribers list updated with newsletters so that you can provide them value through emails and then they would like to have business with you.

Make sure you send emails regularly to your subscribers.

3. SEO marketing

If you operate an online website then you should have a fully functional website. 

To make sure that your website stands out while searching for a particular keyword, you need to use SEO marketing. It helps to rank your website on top of other websites.  Discover more here about starting and marketing new small businesses.

Use relevant keywords that are associated with your business niche on your website. Make sure you post high-quality content on your website and that your website loading speed is fast. These all things make an impact on the visitor’s mind, and if he is impressed with your website, then he would surely interact with you. Therefore, SEO marketing helps you get more visitors to your website as your website is reaching more potential clients and customers.

Local advertising can be a good option. If you are targeting customers from your local area, then local advertising can make a significant difference in your business. You can go for pamphlets that you can distribute in your area, to let people know you are also giving services and sales of a particular product.

If you are operating your business overseas then you might overlook this step because this can be a little costly for you, and would not make any impact on the business as well. So the best option for you is to go for an online marketing strategy that would help you with your business.

4. Customers love offers and discounts

Many times what big businesses do to attract more customers and boost their sales is that they offer discounts and promotional offers. You can apply the same strategy to your business as well. You can give your royal customers membership offers so that they stay connected with you for a longer period. By using this more people can become aware of your brand, and ultimately it can help you scale your business both online and offline.

5. Building relationships

This strategy is considered to be the most underrated strategy among all others but definitely can bring out the best results for you if you do so. 

Building relationships with your clients and customers is always considered a best practice as then they know you better and then you can provide your services to them at any time.

You can collaborate with business partners to organize a monthly meeting for all your lenient customers and have a small tea party. This can increase your brand awareness among new potential clients as well.

6. Video and more videos

Research shows that people are more likely to remember what they saw for a longer period than what they read. No matter how big posters and cards to print to distribute among people, videos can have a large amount of impact in terms of advertising. 

You can hire a videographer to shoot a video for your brand that you can advertise on different social media platforms to reach a wider number of people.

To gain more social media attention you can also hold live streams on your Instagram page, and get to know more people.

7. In-Person networking

In-person networking gives you more exposure to your clients, you can directly communicate with them and can build connections.

You can attend various small in-person networking events that happen in your city, that can bring you higher conversion rates for your sales.

8. Show Social proofs

People are more likely to trust you when you have some testimonials for your brand. You can share brand recognitions, badges and awards, suggestions, and reviews on your social media handles. By doing this people are more likely to connect with you by seeing your previous relations with your customers.

9. Content marketing

You can start publishing content related to your product niche, such as online flyers and post it on your website. People who are searching for a particular keyword related to your brand or product will be able to find you through your content. 


Using these small business marketing ideas and tips you can flourish your small business into a big one. These tips will help you scale your business and help you bring more customers and clients. Investing your time and energy into your business gives you ROI( return on investment) in positive terms.

Small business marketing ideas article and permission to publish here provided by Anna Novak. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on July 25, 2022.