How to Make the Perfect Online Flyer!

Online Flyer

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Creating the perfect online flyer has always been an important marketing tool for businesses to get their messages across markets. While it may just seem like a small piece of paper or a small image on your screen, flyers are one of the most effective marketing weapons when businesses want to promote a product, an event, PR messages, sales, etc.

This fact is even more so true in today’s content-heavy world. Everyday, potential customers spend hours and hours on their computers for both work, leisure, and shopping. As our lives have become more dependent on digital mediums, it is becoming exceedingly important for businesses to put a lot of their promotional muscle into the digital space.

This is why it is crucial that businesses and marketers alike know what it takes to make an effective flyer design. For those who are a bit lost on this, here are some handy guidelines to help you make the perfect online flyer.


Making the perfect flyer requires some thoughtful planning. Oftentimes, designers have this bad habit of cramming too much into one layout that the design and message that should be promoted are often ignored. Sadly, this is also one of the reasons why you often see people just toss lots of flyers in the trash bin almost immediately after they get handed one.

The secret? Don’t just create! Start with a concept and formulate the main message you have. If you want to promote a big sale, focus on the products and the price. If it’s an event, focus on the location and what attendees may expect.

Strategize for maximum effectiveness! 

Get an Amazing Online Flyer Maker

If the goal of advertising is to create as much effective content as you can, then signing up for a good online flyer maker is the way to go. 

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A good web app subscription effectively eliminates the need to have a designer by nearly automating the entire design process with hundreds of flyer templates, elements, and fonts. The results are typically engaging, professional, and persuasive digital flyers (or offline) that you can create by the dozens.

Use Color to your Advantage

Our perception of color is a very powerful emotional tool that is innate in all of us. It is also a very good technique that can greatly influence how viewers would react to your advertising flyers. This is because various colors elicit different feelings from people, such as in selling eyeglasses.

While color psychology is not an exact science and is sometimes dependent on personal experiences. There are some general guidelines that marketers can abide by. For instance, the color red is said to create a sense of excitement and vigor. Hence, why the red is very prominent in ads that want to promote a big sale or limited-time items.

Another example is the use of the color green to give the feeling of nature and prosperity. This is the reason why gyms and other health care institutions’ flyer marketing strategy revolves around this color.

There are a dozen more examples of this. Use color psychology to your advantage. 

Always go High-Resolution

Images are powerful elements that will greatly help the effectiveness of any design that you make. Unfortunately, the wrong image could also do the opposite. 

One way to really mess up your business flyers is by inserting pixelated and grainy photos. Bad-looking images not only make your ad less easy to look at, but a lot of customers would also associate those images with your brand’s products, service, and overall professionalism.

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The solution? Always go for good hi-res photos. There are plenty of free options on the internet or you could always get a good subscription. Hi-resolution photos not only look good, but they will also give your brand a big image boost. 

Master the Art of Headlines

In advertising, oftentimes, less is more. This is the reason why the most attention-worthy and enduring headlines in designs are snappy and bold. Got Milk?, Just Do It, I’m Loving It, etc. are all examples of the best headlines in ads. They all have one thing in common – Short and straight to the point.

Creating effective headlines will take some time, but will really make your flyers pop out in the crowd. Also, choose legible fonts that reflect your brand. Don’t forget to keep your number of fonts to a minimum! A good rule of thumb is to use a maximum of three fonts on a single layout.

Never go overboard!

Time to churn those fantastic ads out!

Flyers are low-cost, effective, and very versatile that every business should have high in its list of marketing tools. With how easy you can make these nowadays, it’s really the best time to start making these by the lot and getting the returns that you want from your online shoppers

With these amazing tips, there is no reason why your digital flyers shouldn’t be the sales-generating marketing dynamos that they can be.

Online flyer article and permission to publish here provided by Monica Macalinao. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on August 17, 2021.
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