Artificial Intelligence (AI) in E-Commerce! (Infographic)

Artificial Intelligence

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Infographic provided by Jake Rheude at

The convergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Retail industry is underway.  Further it has the potential for exponential dissemination across the Retail landscape in the future along with expansion of it’s applications and capabilities.

From playing a role in managing the Customer Experience to providing Buying, Replenishment and Fulfillment capabilities to analyzing the ever growing expanse of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here to stay in Retail.

The following infographic depicts a variety of applications of AI in the Retail space along with real life examples from world renowned companies.


AI in E-Commerce


E-Commerce continues to be the fastest growing channel in any industry worldwide.  And AI is a technology for today and in the future.  A convergence between E-Commerce and AI is a natural fit.

E-Commerce growth requires the deployment of advanced technology in order to provide the scalability necessary to sustain and support that growth.  Artificial Intelligence requires channels that have a need to leverage technological capabilities and are willing to experiment, invest and evolve with the progression of AI.



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One thought on “Artificial Intelligence (AI) in E-Commerce! (Infographic)”

  1. Dear Mr. Jake Rheude: Lots of AI application claims going on from different companies. Amazon has had AI for years. I’m afraid it’s too late for e-commerce and retail to turn to AI now to compete. Many retail entrepreneurs believe that customer experience is what will differentiate retailers now. People seem to value what the feel buying the product and how they are treated in the store more than the online experience. If Amazon can personalize that experience, no one will catch up.

    ThroughPut doesn’t do e-commerce: We enjoy industrial applications since every role we’ve worked with has involved millions of dollars of assets from Day 1 in our professions (oil&gas).

    Chuck Intrieri
    Cell: 805-835-9223-PST

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