Industry 4.0 and How Data is Changing Manufacturing!

Industry 4.0, sometimes also called the fourth industrial revolution, is a trend of data exchange and automation in changing manufacturing and manufacturing technologies.

This data exchange and automation is meant to make factories and plants smarter. Some of these technologies include cloud computing, cognitive computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the Internet of Things.

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Preparing Your Company for Industry 4.0!

Industry 4.0 is a hot trend that is continually helping to increase efficiencies in manufacturing and many manufacturing companies are actively looking for ways to adopt it in their own operations.

The potential gains for any production operation are significant, but there are also some requirements to be observed before attempting to implement Industry 4.0 practices in a manufacturing facility.

If you want to ensure that you will be able to take advantage of Industry 4.0 trends with minimal hassle, there are a few things you should do in preparing your company for Industry 4.0.

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What Are Some Lesser Known Facts About Industrial Robots?

Robotics are precipitating the growth of automated production facilities, freeing human workers from dull, dirty, and dangerous tasks. As robot production has grown at breathtaking speed, costs have gone down, so technology is much more affordable, which is good news considering that manufacturing is looking at countless unfilled jobs.

It’s expected that robots will be fully represented in the production processes of the future. Robots are the central figures of Industry 4.0, and failure to adopt this technology will only cause organizations to be left behind, as their operations won’t be a match for those of their competitors. 

These lesser-known facts about industrial robots will turn you into a hit with your friends. 

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Smart Manufacturing: 5 Factors That Make Your Factory Smart!

The manufacturing industry has been changing rapidly, aided by the newest software systems and machinery. Consumers continue to demand customized products, adding to the challenge of low-cost production.

Manufacturers have been forced to look hard at their production methods, labor costs, and transportation expenses, among numerous other areas throughout the organization. This focus has resulted in the emergence of smart factories in which machines and software share information and collaborate as never before.

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How Industry 4.0 is Changing and How Blockchain Fits!

There are many components of how Industry 4.0 is changing, some of which are not yet fully defined, or fully understood. Other components may emerge as technology is continually emerging. These new tools are sure to amplify the prospective results of Smart Manufacturing solutions.

There has been much learning from both the initial sales interactions and actual installations. In the sales cycles, providers of Smart Manufacturing components or integrators of complete 4.0 systems have encountered resistance.

Some of the push-back is driven by the fear of disruption of production, loss of revenue or customer dissatisfaction.  Others are concerned about not attaining the “expected” ROI.

However, one of the biggest areas of resistance has to do with the workforce and the prospective impacts on company culture. 

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