Revolving Door Management – Who Wants a Spin?

How many times have you seen new Management being brought into a company, only to see them leave and be replaced, through the revolving door, in a very short timeframe?

This happens a lot on Sports teams. Coaches and Players alike are replaced after a relatively short stint with no tolerance for poor performance.

I’ve seen it happen several times. Basically the CEO or Chairman gets rid of the entire Management team and brings in a new team. Within a couple of years the process is repeated. The entire team is replaced even though these people were considered saviours when they were brought in.

Does that kind of Revolving Door, or Turnstile, Management Strategy really work? Is it really a reflection of the performance of those being replaced or is it more a reflection of the poor leadership of those doing the replacing?

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The Change Leadership Process … And Guide!

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Eventually everyone is going to be faced with the need to either lead or participate in a process designed to drive change and transformation.

The need for change may be reactive.  Your competition may be eating your lunch.  Your company may be losing money or bleeding cash.  Or your metric performance may be well short of target.

Or the drive for change may be proactive.  Your company may be leading in your industry and have great performance.  But there is a risk of complacency seeping in.  Or your competition can’t be counted out so you need to increase your competitive advantage.  Or you may want to blow your targets out of the water.

Whatever the driving force for change is, wouldn’t it be great to be equipped  with the know-how to make that change happen.

Here is our view of the Change Leadership Process!

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Why Procurement Transformation Can Fail!

Over these past 28 years of my career in Procurement (yes I started when I was 12), I’ve had the privilege and pain of seeing, not just procurement, but many different types of Transformation initiatives succeed and, unfortunately, fail. Let’s discuss why procurement transformation can fail.

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