Seating Solutions for Trucks: Comfort and Functionality Combined!

The right seating solutions can make a huge difference when it comes to your comfort and well-being. Truck drivers need comfortable, ergonomic seats that provide maximum safety and support.

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The Biggest Challenges Facing Transport Companies!

The Coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent response have changed the day-to-day realities of transportation and trucking. While many workers are forced to stay at home, fleet-based drivers at transport companies are considered an essential service and continue to deliver goods across the country, albeit across a vastly different landscape.

Drivers have to observe heightened health standards while they are on the road, and many of the steps taken to implement these new measures have translated into higher costs for transport companies. 

Companies have tried to keep supply chain disruptions at a minimum, but that doesn’t always translate to timely deliveries. 

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Trucking Regulations in Canada! (Infographic)

Per sheer physical size Canada is the world’s second largest country. Of course, in terms of population, Canada is also one of the least densely populated major nations. Though it’s not as if Canada is left with just a bunch of empty space that no one uses there are trucking regulations.

While there may not be large buildings, schools, houses and other structures built on a lot of the land, that doesn’t mean that the land is just sitting there empty. There are all sorts of train tracks and roadways that work and weave their way through the Canadian landscape, and this is because shipping freight is something that’s constantly happening in the nation.

In fact, judging on a global score, Canada’s freight ships more efficiently than any other nation, and a big part of that is because it’s regulated so well without being bogged down by useless regulations and interference from officials.

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Truckers and the Future of Work!

Unchaining Change Leadership

There are over 3 million professional truck drivers in the United States today.  Moving goods across the highways of the country 24 hours a day, seven days a week, these individuals are a vital part of keeping our economy moving.  But for truckers and the future of work what is the environment going to look like?

I recently asked an audience — a virtual one of course — to guess how many people will be employed as truck drivers in the US in 2030.  The answers flew in on the Zoom Chat…

1 million



People are rather pessimistic about employment in this sector drawing this simple calculation:  autonomous vehicles are coming, therefore truck drivers’ jobs are doomed.  As with many simple conclusions, this one is the wrong conclusion for truckers.  

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What is Heavy Duty Truck Alignment?

If you are just starting out with the big rigs and are unfamiliar with the common industry terms, such as heavy duty truck alignment, interpreting information can seem like a drag. But, don’t worry!

Mach 6 Truck & Heavy Equipment Repair is on your side. Let’s explore truck alignment and the special considerations we make for heavy-duty trucks in particular. 

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Registration for IRP Louisiana!

In the bustling world of professional transportation, understanding and complying with the International Registration Plan (IRP) becomes quintessential for truck drivers and transportation company owners operating across various states, including Louisiana.

The IRP is a cooperative agreement among states of the US, the District of Columbia, and provinces of Canada, which recognizes the payment of commercial motor vehicle registration and licensing fees.

This article delves into the process of registration for IRP Louisiana, shedding light on its importance and guiding through its complexities.

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5 Insights for Managing Your Fleet Strategy!

Overseeing a fleet of vehicles can be a tough job. Anyone who’s been involved in fleet logistics has probably spent countless hours going over schedules, vehicle maintenance records, driver training requirements, and a host of problems and delays that have the tendency of popping up at the worst of times without a fleet strategy.

If you’re experiencing issues or have questions regarding fleet strategy, you’re not alone.

A good professional, though, is always looking to improve their methods. To guide you on your way, we’ve spent some time putting together a list of 5 insights to help you manage your fleet strategy better.

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How Trucking Companies Can Attract Younger Workers!

Trucking is one of the most important industries in all of America, with trucking companies responsible for supporting the vast majority of the nation’s communities and helping to transport countless tons of freights from place to place every single day.  However, the industry is witnessing an unprecedented shortage of workers and needs younger workers.

There are several potential reasons for this. Some experts argue that the rules and regulations of the industry are too strict and off-putting, while others feel that the long hours and risks associated with the job might be making it less attractive to younger people.

If the trucking industry is to survive this crisis and bring in new workers for the many companies across the nation, change is clearly required. Millennials and Gen Z workers could be the answer to the trucker shortage, but how can companies appeal to these generations?

This guide will cover some tips.

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3 Great Reasons to Buy a Used Truck and Get Your Money’s Worth!

The delivery industry is one of the most promising business niches nowadays as the demand maintains at an all-time high. This happens because buyers’ behavior has shifted in favor of online shopping over the last couple of years.

And while the e-commerce upward trend was in part supported by the pandemic, buyers continue to prefer shopping online. Plus, with new challenges that disrupt the traditional supply chain system, long-haul trucking seems to be the world’s best bet. 

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TMS is Mandatory in the Digital Age! Get Yours Free!

We are in the Digital Age!

In Supply Chain that means we want and need full end to end visibility and transparency.  To provide that end to end visibility requires electronic connectivity of all nodes of the Supply Chain.

And when it comes to providing that visibility and connectivity with respect to the movement of goods throughout the Supply Chain it means we all need a Transportation Management System (TMS).

But gone are the days when you needed to create your own TMS or even buy one.  In this Digital Age you should be able to get this capability for free!

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Truck Drivers – Unsung Heroes of the Supply Chain! (Infographic)

Anywhere you go anywhere in the world you will find truck drivers delivering goods.  Roads and highways are filled with trucks of all shapes sizes.  Tractor trailers of all configurations are everywhere on the roads.

If you are driving a car you may be annoyed by all of these trucks.  Or if you are an environmentalist you may be concerned by the fuel consumption of these behemoths.

But the reality is that these truck drivers are the backbone of our societies and our economies.  They deliver the goods that we need to live the lives that we enjoy.  Without them the economy would stop and life as we know it would not be the same.

Truck drivers are truly the unsung heroes of the Supply Chain!

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7 of the Best Truck Stops for Fast and Tasty Food!

If you work as a trucker in the United States, you will find some fantastic truck stops where you can get fast and tasty food.

Here are just seven of the best truck stops. 

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