How Trucking Companies Can Attract Younger Workers!

Young workers in Trucking

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Trucking is one of the most important industries in all of America, with trucking companies responsible for supporting the vast majority of the nation’s communities and helping to transport countless tons of freights from place to place every single day.  However, the industry is witnessing an unprecedented shortage of workers and needs younger workers.

There are several potential reasons for this. Some experts argue that the rules and regulations of the industry are too strict and off-putting, while others feel that the long hours and risks associated with the job might be making it less attractive to younger people.

If the trucking industry is to survive this crisis and bring in new workers for the many companies across the nation, change is clearly required. Millennials and Gen Z workers could be the answer to the trucker shortage, but how can companies appeal to these generations?

This guide will cover some tips.

A More Flexible Approach 

One of the big shifts we’ve seen in recent years in regard to worker attitudes and approaches is that younger workers, in particular, put a lot of emphasis on the idea of a healthy work-life balance. Younger people rightfully care about their mental health and quality of life, and they want to be able to work hard and earn a sufficient salary but also have enough time at home, with their own families.

Trucking companies will need to be ready to offer more flexible approaches in order to offer a better work-life balance for new workers, as trucking is commonly regarded as a very difficult and lonely job in which truckers can spend extended periods of time sitting in their trucks with a lack of family time or social connection.

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Perks and Incentives

Another way in which we’ve seen the job market change in recent years is that companies are now trying to actively entice talented workers to join them by offering a range of perks and incentives. These little perks, which may include health insurance and generous maternity leave policies, are very important to younger workers in particular.

Trucking companies will therefore have to start thinking about what kinds of perks they can offer to potential candidates. If a candidate has a choice between two different jobs with similar hours and salaries, but one of them has a great pension plan and maternity/paternity leave package, it will be very easy for them to make their choice.

A Welcoming and Warm Company Culture

The concept of company culture has grown a lot in recent years, as it has become increasingly important for companies to think about the mental health, well-being, and attitude of their workers and the quality of their working environments. Millennials and Gen Z put a lot of importance into this too and will frequently want to find out about the culture of a company before deciding if they want to join it. 

As progressive generations, Millennials and Gen Z workers will want to see companies that have strong, positive cultures which are welcoming to a diverse range of people, accepting of positive values, and enjoyable for all involved, while still honoring the traditions and customs of the past that make trucking such an iconic line of work in America today.

A Focus on Technology

Truckers of the past grew up at a time when the technology of today was something only talked about in science-fiction stories, but Millennials and Gen Z individuals have grown up with the internet, smartphones, tablets, and all kinds of other gadgets by their side. They know how to use technology very well and naturally expect technology to be a big part of their daily working lives, so trucking companies should look for ways to incorporate more and more tech into their operations. 

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Electronic logbooks, scorecards, in-car entertainment devices, advanced GPS devices, side cameras instead of mirrors, and countless other forms of technology are all starting to make their mark on the trucking industry. Companies need to be willing to accept and embrace these new innovations and start making the most of them, and a forward-thinking, technologically adapt brand will hold a lot of appeal for a typical Millennial or Gen Z worker.

Final Word

It’s clear to see that, in order to survive as the years go by, trucking companies will need to change and adapt with the times to appeal to younger workers of different generations. Millennials and Gen Z workers are the future of this industry, but it’s up to companies to start making the changes now in order to get these workers on board today.

Younger workers article and permission to publish here provided by Susan Melony. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on April 22, 2021.
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