Benefits of GPS Tracking in the Transportation Industry!

GPS Tracking

The logistics and transportation sector is highly competitive. So, you won’t be able to compete with others without embracing technology. GPS tracking technology has become the most popular choice for making transportation businesses highly productive. 

GPS allows you to track the location of your vehicles, find out the time and thus the cost per delivery, and allow you to optimise deliveries based on daily and weekly patterns that you see in traffic.

As you have a large fleet of commercial vehicles, you like to know their real-time whereabouts. To do it easily, you can use a GPS tracker device and a fleet management system. This will allow you to track the productivity of drivers and make sure that they’re doing the best they can in the given time.

Here are some benefits of using GPS tracking devices as a transportation company.

Improve communication between the company and drivers

There should be a 2-way communication between your business and your fleet. GPS lets you achieve it without a hassle. Connected to a tracking device, tracking software will give you comprehensive information about your fleet. You can assign a new pickup and reroute your vehicles accordingly.

You can notify your drivers and alert them about their bad driving habits. Thus, a vehicle tracker allows one to make the right decision.

Lower your operational cost

Using a GPS tracker device, you can monitor and track the routes that your drivers chose. Moreover, you can prevent your drivers from using our vehicles for personal purposes. GPS tracking software has a comprehensive dashboard where you can see your records. So, it is easy to calculate costs associated with your fleet business. 

This might sound overboard at first, but this is the best way for your transportation company to reduce costs and improve productivity. This can translate to finding and rewarding good drivers with extra benefits from the lowered cost in low productivity.

Minimize theft risk

You can keep track of where your equipment is by using a GPS tracking device. GPS trackers offer configurable real-time GPS tracking to monitor your powered, non-powered, and heavy equipment.

In case your equipment is stolen, GPS tracking devices will help you find its exact location so you can get it back or inform the police about it. By setting up GPS theft alerts, GPS tracking can also help stop equipment from being stolen.

GPS alerts let you know when a piece of equipment leaves a certain area, which could be a sign that it was stolen. When you set up these alerts, you will get a text message or email if there is an unusual/unplanned move from a worksite, construction site, or equipment yard. GPS theft alerts let you act quickly so you can check out suspicious things right away, like a stolen car or piece of equipment.

Route planning

Drivers of transportation agencies use GPS to identify the appropriate route. It is a money-saving and time-saving option. Trip planning becomes easy for drivers. Using GPS tracking information, fleet managers find routes to reach the location in the shortest time. Thus, you can make your customers happy with faster delivery. 

Due to proper route planning, you can make more deliveries in a single day. You can also send accurate updates to your clients about arrival time. If there are delays, you can ask drivers to show reasons.

You can integrate the data collected from GPS trackers with your own ERP system or website. For example, if you’re an eCommerce company selling shoes, you can integrate live GPS data with your eCommerce platform.

GPS tracking data can be sent to any eCommerce platform including WordPress or a custom-build website in React. This will allow you to update customers on the status of their order in real-time and ensure that their shoes or packages are returned on time. This will also be an indicator to customers to stay home during delivery times so that they can collect their packages This will reduce the amount of wasted time by delivery drivers going to empty homes.

Ensure your driver’s safety

Real-time fleet monitoring gives you a clear view of your driver’s driving behaviour. You can save your driver from rash driving and over-speeding. An app will send an instant alert during an emergency. You will stay updated about your fleet and assist your drivers anytime.

Optimal use of resources

Tracking the fleet using GPS lets you know the real-time location of your vehicles. Fleet owners can detect the reason behind downtime of the vehicle that results in late goods delivery. Moreover, they can find vehicles stuck in highway traffic jams. It will be easy to identify the idling drivers. So, fleet administrators can make efficient use of resources. Drivers and managers will become trustworthy to each other.

You can now choose a vehicle tracking device (GPS-enabled) to save time and effort. You can make your business more profitable with this innovative tracking technology.

GPS Tracking article and permission to publish here provided by Alessia Fulache. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on January 30, 2023.