Featuring Our 15 Top Pandemic Articles!

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Who could have guessed that 2020 would see the spread of a global pandemic?

As the Coronavirus spread around the world it upset virtually every aspect of our personal lives, our jobs, businesses and economies. No one or no thing was immune from the impacts of the pandemic.

Front and centre in this pandemic has been Supply Chain. Never before has Supply Chain received so much visibility and recognition of its importance. That’s because disruption in the Supply Chain has exacerbated the impacts of the Coronavirus to our lives, both personally and professionally beyond the immediate issues of our health and welfare.

We created a series of articles in 2020 focused on all aspects of Supply Chain and the Pandemic. In our latest “Featuring” series we present our 15 top pandemic inspired articles.

First and foremost we must state that the human loss caused by this virus has been devastating. And we can only hope that precautionary measures (eg. social distancing, wearing masks), and preventive measures (such as future vaccines) will stem the tide. If we all follow these measures we will both protect each other and accelerate our way past the pandemic.

Supply Chain professionals are not strangers to planning for, and managing through, disasters and unforeseen circumstances. But even the most seasoned Supply Chain professional would have gone through a once-in-a-career experience in dealing with the pandemic.

For instance tactical responses were necessary to restock store shelves in the face of unprecedented panic buying and repurposing operations to supply vitally needed personal protective equipment (PPE) to healthcare personnel everywhere.

Here are our most significant and important articles created during the Coronavirus pandemic. May you find material that will help you weather the rest of this pandemic and better prepare us for the next, inevitable disaster, whatever that may be.

1. Coronavirus Exposes Global Supply Chain Fragility

2. The Toilet Paper Supply Chain

3. 10 Vital Supply Chain Lessons from the Coronavirus Pandemic

As a bonus we also created a video version of this article to complement this format.

4. Supply Chain Should Lead the Boardroom … the Coronavirus Proves it!

5. Supply Chain Visibility Has Never Been More Important!

6. Strategic National Stockpiles and Sourcing for the National Interest!

7. A Don’t Touch Supply Chain Strategy Must Now Dominate the Future!

8. Is Single Sourcing, or Sole Sourcing, Dead?

9. Cash Management Tips to Survive the Pandemic!

10. Where Should Supply Chain Time be Spend After the Pandemic?

11. Defining the New Normal in Supply Chain! What’s Normal Anyways?

12. The Parallel Supply Chain … A Twilight Zone Strategy?

13. Supply Chain Quotations from the Pandemic!

14. The Mask Supply Chain!

15. Supply Chain Priorities for the Pandemic’s Second Wave!

Originally published on October 20, 2020.