10 Critical Supply Chain Lessons from The Pandemic! (Video)

Critical Supply Chain Lessons

The Coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc throughout the world. In some places the pandemic has been controlled and life is getting back to a new normal. Yet in many other cases the pandemic is spreading aggressively and even realizing a devastating resurgence, particularly in the United States.

While the initial shock of the pandemic is largely behind us the impacts and ramifications from it will be felt for years to come. The challenge will be whether we remember what we went through and learn from the lessons we have all gone through, or whether we will forget and become complacent.

In this article we share our video of the 10 most Critical Supply Chain lessons that we must learn and make improvements through our future strategies and actions.

The Coronavirus pandemic has exposed tremendous flaws in our global Supply Chains, regardless of business, industry, government or country. While people everywhere scramble to restore supply lines, logistics operations and continuity of supply the break downs in those Supply Chains must be addressed for the long term.

There will be future disasters of various kinds, and in all likelihood another pandemic. If we do not take actions now, as informed by the lessons of the Coronavirus pandemic, history will repeat itself.

In our latest video we discuss the lessons that we must learn. These lessons must inspire actions plans, strategies, investments, and deployable projects to ensure that our Supply Chains are more robust and resilient in the future.

These are the Critical Supply Chain lessons we discuss in our latest video:

  1. The Importance of Supply Chain Talent
  2. Designing in Supply Chain Flexibility
  3. Taking Total Cost of Ownership Seriously
  4. Mission Critical and Strategic Inventory Positioning
  5. Disaster Planning Taken Seriously
  6. Exhaustive End to End Supply Chain Mapping
  7. Design Your Supply Chain for Speed of Response
  8. Don’t Overlook the Role of Reverse Logistics
  9. Real Time Risk Management Governance
  10. You Must Invest in Digital Supply Chain Technologies
Originally published on August 4, 2020.