Customer Returns State … And What to Do Next! (Infographic)

Customer returns

Customer Returns are an inevitability in retail.

People buy things, take them home and for various reasons, they will then decide to return them to the store they purchased them.

While retailers likely hate dealing with returns, they need to have a policy in place that all staff understand in order to ensure it’s a streamlined process.

If the returns process is not easy for the customer, you could be dealing with a bigger issue in the long term if they decide to vent their dissatisfaction at your levels of customer service to a wider audience.

The danger is that with the advent of online technology and social media, people feel empowered to rant (both positively and negatively) about their customer service experience in retail (and beyond).

We thought it would be helpful to put together this infographic all about customer returns and what retailers need to do to get things in order to make it a positive experience for their staff.

Check the full details out below.

Customer Returns Infographic


Customer Returns are an inevitable and unavoidable part of doing business in most every industry.  Gone are the days when companies can either refuse to take products back or make it extremely painful and difficult for customers to return products.

On the contrary customers now expect a hassle-free returns policy.  Not only do customers want to see that returns policy before they will make a purchase but they will also choose to buy, or not buy, a product because of the terms and conditions of that returns policy.

If your company is not taking Customer Returns seriously you will find that your future success is in serious jeopardy.  Take the steps to ensure that you have a robust, customer-friendly returns policy.

Or better yet make your products of such a high quality that you will not have any returns at all!

Customer returns article and permission to publish here provided by Patrick Thuot at Originally published on Supply Chain Game Changer on September 6, 2018.

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