What’s in Your Tech Stack? Tools for Killer B2B Lead Generation!

B2B Lead Generation

The new era of tech-supported sales is here, and tons of software tools are being introduced that enlarge the boundaries of sales teams and make them more efficient through improved B2B lead generation.

A good leader knows that capitalizing on technology requires time and effort. In this article, we recommended sales managers identify their pain points in the process of selling and then set goals for their team using the best technology.

There are five essential sales software categories you can analyze and select the ones needed to bring enhancements to your sales process.

  • CRM + marketing automation
  • Email scraping and lead list building with Phantombuster 
  • Sales engagement
  • Email marketing
  • Email deliverability

The big idea consists in creating a consistent sales stack with technologies prioritized from high-level KPIs down to sales processes automation. You can’t just buy a top 10 list of sales software; you have to build your own personalized solution, which is deeply connected to your company’s values and branding. That is how you can succeed in marketing yourself with accuracy, authority, and success.

CRM + marketing automation with HubSpot

A Customer Relationship Management platform and marketing automation software is a basic combo for any sales team. A CRM system keeps track of all your B2B customers and leads, while a marketing automation tool automates outreach and manages campaigns and activities.

HubSpot provides a built-in CRM system for free, and almost any marketing tool sales professionals need. The platform allows you to streamline your workflow and increase conversions using powerful marketing software. You can fill up your B2B sales pipelines using lead generation features, personalizing outreach using SEO recommendations, and automate your email marketing, among other things.

Keeping its focus on B2B lead generation, HubSpot’s CRM software builds customer profiles based on social media activity, page visits, and other interactions during the sales process. HubSpot CRM includes integrated calling, email tracking, customizable deal pipelines, tasks and reminders, and more. HubSpot marketing software streamlines your workflows, increases conversions, fills up your pipelines, and offers SEO recommendations.

Prospecting with Phantombuster

When doing B2B lead generation, small businesses cannot boost revenue and achieve their sales goals if they focus on quantity rather than on quality. You can generate just 100 leads and make several high-volume deals, providing significantly better conversions than 1,000 leads and zero deals.

That’s why we recommend you to choose not any random email scraper. Look for a prospecting tool that helps B2B salespeople uncover only high-quality leads that fit their ICP.

Profile scraping & email list building

Phantombuster has a data scraping feature that gives salespeople access to valuable data and information, such as names and titles of decision-makers at particular companies, email addresses within an organization, and the number of employees in the target company. With this information, salespeople can optimize their campaigns to give them an edge over their competitors.

Doing business lead generation on LinkedIn

One of Phantombuster’s most impressive features is its LinkedIn automation tool, which sends connection requests, likes, and comments on posts, sends personalized messages, and much more. However, if you want to get the best out of your personalization strategy with Phantombuster, we recommend that you buy a separate personalization platform like Salesmate or Outreach to reach out to business leads at scale.

Sales engagement with Outreach

With a couple of changes in the business-to-business sales environment, there are two trends that salespeople need to adapt to: organization of leads and engagement with leads. The two fields have a lot of overlap, but their functionality is different. Sales enablement technology helps salespeople access any data they need for their work. In contrast, sales acceleration software works with the sales ecosystem, helping salespeople organize their pipelines and engage prospects more efficiently. 

However, Outreach is a sales enablement and sales acceleration tool in one. In 2015, Outreach was released as an alternative solution to help users handle all their outbound communications at scale. It is a simple, powerful tool that allows you to set up and track what needs to be done and by whom.

It also allows you to send automated messages based on their behavior and measure engagement activity within your contacts so you can report on your performance with ease. Outreach sets up and carries out communication cadences between sellers and buyers to facilitate communication.

Taking task management to the next level, Outreach informs sales professionals about sales opportunities with alerts and reminders and proactively guides a company’s growth.

Email marketing with MailChimp

Marketing and sales teams need ESPs other than their corporate mailboxes when doing email marketing at scale. Using your corporate email stack for your marketing email can result in spam issues, bounces, and eventually harm your domain health. Instead, opt for MailChimp, MailGun, SendGrid, PepePost, or SparkPosts to be able to warm up your inboxes gradually and prevent your emails from bouncing back.

In the case of MailChimp and other larger ESPs, they’ve created a few different components: a database that holds all your subscribers, a database that contains all your templates, and then a set of servers that take your templates and your subscribers mash them together into fully formed emails, and then they drop them into mail servers.

This tactic results in patterns that AI doesn’t identify as suspicious and you have little or no issues with having your messages delivered. Besides, Mailchimp enables marketers with tools and templates to create beautiful HTML-based emails and newsletters, helps with the right subject lines and email copy, and automates outreach.

Email deliverability with Folderly

Having 100% email deliverability is often an unreachable goal for most marketers and salespeople. They see their emails getting caught in recipients’ spam filters or bounce back from unverified email addresses. Even if you follow the rules and warm up your new inboxes, you can still struggle with deliverability and spam issues. However, using an email spam checker sorts out deliverability and spam-related issues instantaneously.

Folderly is an AI-powered platform that prevents your emails from going to spam and runs tests to ensure deliverability. Folderly takes ca

re not only of email warmup but of many other technical settings to maintain the health of your domains so that your email deliverability keeps high scores. The tool runs content analysis and makes sure your emails passed spam filters. Folderly also integrates via API with all ESPs to fix spam most effectively.

Putting together your sales tech stack

Technology has dramatically transformed the way we sell and market. The very way we tell our story to potential customers is different now, thanks to social media, the tools of big data and machine learning have streamlined our marketing efforts.

Yet, it isn’t enough to simply pull up a bunch of random sales technology platforms. You need to be sure that each new tool is well-chosen and well-integrated so that it can contribute to your overall performance. Start building up your technology stack by choosing a CRM first and then adding tools based on your needs, scale, and resources.

When you’re testing new tools, don’t be afraid to ditch what isn’t working and keep trying new options until you find the best fit for you. When doing B2B lead generation with Belkins.io, you can focus on selling and leave everything, including relevant tools, to us.

B2B Lead Generation article and permission to publish here provided by Krasimir Hristov. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on March 21, 2022.

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