Email Marketing Trends for Supply Chain!

Contrary to the popular belief from years ago, email is alive and well, and more people are using email than ever before. Email marketing is especially useful in businesses, including supply chain and logistics, and marketers in these industries should be familiar with email marketing trends.

Although email is going nowhere, it’s true that it’s changing and marketers need to be aware of the changes so they can stay relevant and ahead of the curve.

I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 trends in email marketing that marketers in supply chain and logistics need to prepare for. 

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Create Interesting E-Commerce Content!

E-Commerce content is the greatest selling point for e-commerce businesses. It makes it easier to sell products online and build strong relationships with your customers.

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The quality of content on your website gives your readers or visitors to the website an impression of your brand. The impression determines whether they will continue consuming your products, or they will abandon the brand for your competition.

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Content Marketing Trends for Supply Chain!

Content has never been at the forefront of supply chain companies’ marketing strategies. However, things are starting to change, and businesses have started investing a considerable amount of time into their marketing services especially in content marketing which has become such an indispensable component of a wholesome online presence. 

In this article, we want to look into the types of content that are very popular at the moment and why chain supply companies should explore them to build a solid brand image, provide their customers with valuable information, and establish thought leadership within their industry and niche.

Let’s dive right in, shall we? 

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What is Geofencing? And How Does it Work?

Geofencing is a buzzy mobile app capability that’s been around for at least a decade; however, developers are only now seeing the full potential of geofencing for building a great user-first experience.

While geofencing received some attention in relation to user privacy, new tools are considering how geofencing can better surprise and delight customers – and in the future, radically change the way companies deliver location-based experiences. 

From sending a tailored promotion when a customer enters a retail store to powering order-ahead food delivery, geofencing plays a key role in making mobile apps contextually aware. How does geofencing work, and how can mobile app developers better deploy this technology?

Here’s what you need to know about geofencing. 

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Offline Marketing in the Modern Age!

Everyone experiences an overload of ads daily. YouTube, Facebook, and even your email inbox are full of them.

They’re effective, and for companies, digital marketing methods are efficient. Unfortunately, that’s led many people to look past the high value of offline marketing

Offline marketing is crucial, and you can make it modern, effective, and efficient. 

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