Email Marketing Trends for Supply Chain!

Email marketing

Contrary to the popular belief from years ago, email is alive and well, and more people are using email than ever before. Email marketing is especially useful in businesses, including supply chain and logistics, and marketers in these industries should be familiar with email marketing trends.

Although email is going nowhere, it’s true that it’s changing and marketers need to be aware of the changes so they can stay relevant and ahead of the curve.

I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 trends in email marketing that marketers in supply chain and logistics need to prepare for. 

1. Interactive Email Marketing

Recent surveys show that over a quarter of marketers swear by the effectiveness of interactive emails in marketing. By making your emails more engaging to read for your audience, you’re going to be seeing lower bounce rates and you can keep the attention of your readers for much longer.

Some suggestions for creating interactive content includes images, sliders, buttons and quizzes, surveys, and more. By adopting interactive email practices to your marketing strategy, you’re setting yourself up for a big positive impact. 

2. Segmenting Email Lists

If you’re in supply chain and logistics and you’re not segmenting your email lists, you’re setting up your marketing campaign for failure. If you use segmentation, you’ll increase your email open rate and click-through rates from your email campaigns.

 This is all about building the right data to create email content that is targeted to specific audiences based on their preferences and how you collected their email. According to Lisa Carney, a business writer at Big Assignments and Ox Essays, “a great way to collect this information is to have email opt-in forms that will collect more than just the audience member’s name and email address. If you haven’t already segmented your email list, look into doing that as soon as possible.” 

3. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

These days it’s impossible to have a list about trends and not mention AI, because everyone agrees that AI and machine learning will shape the future of many industries, including email marketing.

To name just one example, Adobe has invested in marketing powered by AI, which includes suggesting effective subject lines for emails based on what the program has learned about the users. Machine learning can also make marketing much easier by segmenting email lists for you, personalizing the email that you send to different individuals, and even generate product recommendations for the business and clients based on each user’s needs. 

4. Plain-text Emails

This one seems strange and directly in contradiction with the first point of interactive emails. Surprisingly, supply chain and logistics marketers are finding more and more often that plain-text emails are more effective than previous emails with high-quality design and images.

In fact, Rosie Hannigan, a marketer at Academized and Elite Assignment Help, explains to her readers why that is: “One of the key reasons for this is because plain-text emails appear much better across any device, from PC to mobile to tablet, so it’s better than finding a responsive design. Another reason is that plain text emails seem much more personal, less corporate and invasive to the reader.” 

5. Mobile Supremacy

We all know that the majority of emails are viewed from mobile devices. More and more, people are doing all of their business from their mobile device, and this gap will keep increasing. This means that emails should be created first and foremost for mobile devices, and then adapted for a bigger screen.

Supply chain and logistics marketers should focus on updating email subscription forms to make them more mobile-friendly, and develop content like articles and blog posts with sign-up forms to have a greater number of conversions. 

Digital marketing in the business to business world is changing, and because of that the supply chain and logistics world has shifted how it implements content.

Logistics companies have to adapt to this change by giving their target audience content that they are looking for and in the right format. Email marketers in supply chain and logistics can situate themselves as leaders in this industry that is experiencing constant change and progress, and it’s as simple as following these trends listed above. 

Ellie Coverdale, a marketing and recruitment writer with Essay roo and MBA assignment service, is involved in technology research and development projects. She researches new developments related to AI and its impact on different industries. She also teaches writing for the Boom Essays service.

Email marketing article and permission to publish here provided by Ellie Coverdale. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on October 16, 2019.
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