Our 2022 Top 10 Articles Plus One!

2022 Top 10

It has been another exciting year for sure, with supply disruptions and issues continuing to keep Supply Chain in the headlines, impacting every aspect of our lives.

The year is also marked by the end of the global Coronavirus pandemic and its restrictions, which has caused us to add content about what the future of Supply Chain could, or really should, become. As we state, “Supply Chain’s Moment of Truth Has Arrived!

Make sure you read our 2022 Top 10 articles, along with a bonus article, which are amongst our best ever!

11. The Top 8 Supply Chain Superpowers

We will start off our Top “10” list with a Bonus article. This article was published later in the first half of the year. But given the overwhelmingly positive response in terms of how everyone related to these “Superpowers” we decided to add it to our Top 10 list.

Supply Chain professionals actually do perform these Superpowers everyday, whether they are recognized or not. Here is our tribute to the great people who work in our profession and what they do to keep the world spinning.

10. The Reactive vs. Proactive Supply Chain! Which Will Prevail?

Far too many companies and professionals are content to operate with a reactive Supply Chain, chasing issues and resolving shortages from one day to the next. Instead they could be investing their resources in creating a more proactive Supply Chain, a more robust Supply Chain, to mitigate these issues.

In this article we explore the difference between the two and discuss why it is necessary to be more proactive. Another disaster is always lurking around the corner so having a stronger Supply Chain will save a lot of time, stress and money.

9. Supply Chain Intelligence Summit! (Video)

Mike Mortson was invited to present at the Supply Chain Intelligence Summit in early 2022. Mike took the opportunity to present an abbreviated version of his definitive article, “Supply Chain’s Moment of Truth Has Arrived“.

While the full version of the “Moment of Truth” Video is available on YouTube, at 25 minutes long we present the shorter version presented at the Summit, which is about 12 minutes long.

8. Why is Supply Chain Important? Our 10 Best Articles!

Our site is not called “Supply Chain Game Changer” for nothing. We have published over 1200 articles, a large number of which cover Supply Chain specifically, amongst over 40 other categories.

The world now knows how important Supply Chain is to every aspect of our lives, given the impacts and disruptions caused by the pandemic. In that light we are presenting our 10 best articles highlighting the importance of Supply Chain.

7. 20 Supply Chain Job Interview Questions and Answers!

It is a highly competitive job market these days. With Supply Chain rising to an unprecedented level of visibility and importance, more companies are realizing that they need more and better Supply Chain personnel.

Additionally more and more candidates are entering the field and applying for those coveted jobs. As such it is important to understand the typical questions, and the winning answers, that will help someone land those great Supply Chain jobs.

6. The Single Point of Failure in Supply Chain – Baby Formula

The first article in our “Single Point of Failure in Supply Chain” series was about the Suez Canal crisis. The blockage of the canal caused by a single ship paralyzed Supply Chains everywhere.

Our latest example is with Baby Formula, a necessity for the very lives of our new born children. Essentially with the closure of a single manufacturing facility the supply of Baby Formula in the U.S. and beyond has been disrupted. How is that even possible and what can be done to stop this insanity?

5. The Art of Supply Chain Management!

There is more to Supply Chain than processes, formulae, systems and science. There is an art to truly effective Supply Chain Management. We have found that amazing things can be accomplished without resorting to programming or procedural activities or textbook instructions.

To rise that next level above one needs to continually learn, develop and refine the Art of Supply Chain Management, one of our most powerful x-factors in achieving astonishing results.

4. Supply Chain’s Moment of Truth Has Arrived!

In this comprehensive and definitive work we discuss the fact that this period of time is one in which companies will decide either to keep their operations as the status quo, or they will leap into the future and create the Supply Chain Renaissance which is our destiny.

The pandemic has created the catalyst for this monumental decision. Will company Supply Chain’s stay the same or will we see a period of renewal and rebirth in this field? Supply Chain’s Moment of Truth has arrived!

3. The Fear of Running Out (FORO) in Supply Chain!

Any issue which causes a shortage of materials and parts can stop a business in its tracks. Supply Chain is most often at the centre of these situations and their resolution.

As such it is not unusual to expect that there is FORO, a Fear of Running Out, in Supply Chain. Left unchecked this fear can lead to excessive and obsolete inventory, creating another set of problems. What is the best way to deal with this fear constructively and strategically?

2. Supply Chains are Broken. Denial Will Kill Your Company!

The global pandemic broke virtually every Supply Chain in every industry. Even the highly esteemed Just-in-Time systems faltered. The fact is that Supply Chains were broken.

Recognition of this fact is essential to serve as the catalyst to make improvements for the future. But far too many companies and leaders are in denial about the need to make changes. This denial will kill those companies and those careers.

1. The Supply Chain Renaissance Has Begun!

Just like in the Middle Ages, we believe that various forces and dynamics are aligning to create the environment that will launch a Supply Chain Renaissance, which will shape our lives for decades to come.

History will mark this period of time as a defining inflection point for Supply Chain. The only question is who will create this future, how long will it take, and who will be left behind?

2022 Top 10 articles originally published on June 28, 2022.

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