The Hottest Jobs in Supply Chain and Procurement! (Infographic)

Supply Chain Jobs

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Blog post provided by  Argentus is a boutique recruitment firm focused on Supply Chain and Procurement.


It’s an exciting time to be involved in the Supply Chain and for Supply Chain jobs.  Across every industry, every geography and every country there are advances in Technology, the Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain and more.

But none of this can function without Supply Chain professionals.  Your expertise and experience are the backbone of developing the strategies and action plans for making these evolutionary and revolutionary improvements .

It’s a hot job market for Supply Chain and Procurement, with strong hiring across a number of industries.  We thought it would be useful to look back at what our recruitment practice has seen so far this year.

We wanted to share some market intelligence with our readers about which specific jobs within the field are most in demand, and which are cooling off compared to a few years ago.


This infographic obviously isn’t exhaustive. The field is complex once you start accounting for different industries and verticals. But it’s a picture of what we’re seeing in the market as a recruitment company that specializes in these areas, and hopefully it helps give you a useful sense of where this high-activity market is hottest.

The Hottest Supply Chain Jobs

What Supply Chain jobs do you see as being hot and in demand both now and in the near future?  Are your skills aligned with these future demands?  Are you taking the steps necessary to upgrade your skills?

Supply Chain is a fantastic profession to be a part of.  And its relevance and significance will only increase in the future!


Blog post provided by  Argentus is a boutique recruitment firm focused on Supply Chain and Procurement


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