The Final Link in Supply Chain: Start Your Own Delivery Business!

Delivery Business

The global supply chain has so many links. The last one is the delivery of the product to the end customer. Modern technology allows everyone to order nearly anything they think of online and wait for the product on their doors.

With billions of online store users, there’s a constant shortage of the final supply chain – the delivery. Starting a delivery business, in most cases, means success. Even big companies like Amazon and Etsy constantly lack people to handle their shipments, so starting your own delivery business means working alongside them.

In this article, we share a few tips on starting a delivery business and being a valuable link to the global supply process. With billions of people shopping daily, your business is destined to grow. Keep reading if you want to learn how to start your own company.

1. Analyze the market

The first thing to do before anything else is to analyze the market. Suppose you live in a rural area with almost no one in the surrounding 500 miles. Running a business will require traveling extreme distances daily. This is not ideal for a person wanting to work in delivery.

Another scenario is living in a city where dozens of delivery companies compete against each other. None of them has great profits, and work is lagging.

On the other hand, living and trying to work in a city or an area where not too many delivery services are available, and those that work cope with handling all the shipments in time, means that you’ll be a great addition to the city’s portfolio. This is the place where you should start your business.

2. Handle the paperwork and get everything legal

Without the necessary permits and regulations, you can’t start operating. Every country in the world and every US state has different regulations, so it’s best to ask a local attorney about what you will need to start such a job. You’ll probably need to fill in paperwork about your credentials, provide proof of being eligible for the job, and do some other things.

Some parts of the world are strict about these things, while in others, you’ll need nothing but to show your national ID and driver’s license. Check what you need, and never start without all legal requirements provided. You’ll be considered working illegally if you get caught working without them.

3. Get yourself the right vehicle

If you have no money to invest in a vehicle, you can start this job on foot or with a bike. However, being able to invest in the proper vehicle means you’ll quickly grow your company. The best vehicle for the job is a pickup truck or a utility vehicle.

These vehicles have an enormous rear tray where you can store all the items that need the delivery. It’s best if you add additional equipment and keep the items safe from weather and theft. Many companies, like OZY Toolbox Centre, provide toolboxes, canopies, trundle drawers, and other things to help you in your quest.

4. Become the final link of the chain by finding delivery clients

The next step is finding clients to work with. We mentioned Amazon and its enormous supply chain, which is probably one of the biggest on the planet. No matter how big they are, they always need help. Partnering up with them means you’ll always have goods for delivery.

Nearly all other platforms selling goods will offer you the same. Arrange with more of them and work for multiple companies at once. This way, you’ll always be in business. You can set up a plan to deliver as much as possible and stop accepting orders when you feel you can’t meet the never-ending demands.

5. Be patient and polite with customers

When you start working actively, you’ll notice that parts of your operating area are too confusing to locate while others are shown on the map perfectly. Have patience at the beginning and wait to build up enough experience.

Be patient with your customers too. If you’re too late or something’s damaged, offer a refund. Build trust with your customers and show them you’re serious about being the best delivery person in their area. Everyone who starts a business struggles with these things, so don’t let stress get you.

6. Grow your team

Only the sky becomes a limit when you have all of this underneath you. As you have numerous satisfied clients who trust you and order strictly through you, the struggle begins to meet everyone’s demands. That’s a sure sign of growing your team.

Get another vehicle and hire more people. Work double shifts and explain your type of work to your employees. Ask them to follow your guidelines and ensure they respect the customers the same as you do. Grow and thrive until you create a legacy.

Delivery Business article and permission to publish here provided by Petar Bekarovski. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on December 9, 2022.