Common Mistakes in Importing and Exporting! (Infographic)

Importing Exporting

The trading industry has grown over the years in different areas of the business world, especially in how it affected the online community’s ability to market different products. The importing and exporting business is still the most lucrative industry anyone could venture into.

Aside from the full range of goods to choose from, playing a critical role as an importer/exporter can help you generate anywhere from a few thousand to millions of dollars monthly in revenue.

As progressive as it seems, the import/export business has common mistakes that most managers don’t see given the scope of the process. One good example is with respect to the lack of knowledge in import and export regulation.  The lack of understanding by traders and importers can dramatically increase the cost of a trading business.

It is essential to be careful in ensuring that the welfare of the whole company will always be the priority by having a thorough understanding of the different regulations in the trading industry. One company might be overwhelmed with the workload that is involved, and with this, quickly hire people without considering their backgrounds, expertise and experience.

Alternately you need to consider employing 3PL Fulfillment agents to help with your importing and exporting needs.

The Import/Export business is exciting but there is a lot more to understand regarding the common mistakes of the trading business.  To learn more check the infographic below created by Excelsior.

Importing and Exporting goods between countries makes the world go round.  And despite all of the protectionist rhetoric and trade actions going on Importing and Exporting will continue to be an integral, irreversible part of the world order!

Importing and Exporting article and permission to publish here provided by Excelsior at Originally published on Supply Chain Game Changer on June 7, 2018.