5 E-Commerce Order Fulfillment Choices! (Infographic)


Businesses have long since entered the E-Commerce marketplace. But how do you physically fulfill all of those online orders?The age of technology and innovation has made E-Commerce order fulfillment business processes and solutions so readily available that it has become highly competitive.  

This competition is especially apparent in the area of E-Commerce  Third-Party Logistics (3PLs).

Features That Make E-Commerce Order Fulfillment Services A Great Choice

Convenience is one the most critical factors in choosing which order fulfillment services company you should employ. Companies can offer the same kind of service but with a different quality of service.

To know if the service is right for you, ask yourself these preliminary questions and consider these insights in the following infographic:

  • How long does it take for them to process orders and payment?
  • Do they have the ability to verify customer identity and information?
  • Are they on time in the delivery or shipment of the products?
  • What expenses will I incur?
E-commerce order fulfillment

Here are some of the top e-commerce fulfillment companies which you should consider:

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

If you are an individual or a small-scale business wanting to sell only small items, FBA is the best choice. If you are hesitant and unsure of whether to employ order fulfillment services because you only sell a few goods FBA can help you out.

Another good thing about FBA is that their services are not limited to small products. They can also accommodate large-scale businesses with their fulfillment services. The facilities of FBA are strategically located across the world, which is why their service is faster than other companies.

Employing a third-party logistics service provider helps you focus on other tasks such as marketing and promotion of your E-Commerce. But there are more benefits to hiring FBA.

  • You are not limited to selling your goods on Amazon.
  • FBA is known for its excellent customer service.
  • FBA has a big network of warehouses.

FedEx Fulfillment by FedEx

FedEx Fulfillment is relatively new in the market.  FedEx fulfillment is a subsidiary of FedEx Corporation. The same company recognized for its ability to deliver goods overnight, and the company who revolutionized package tracking.

Like its mother company, FedEx fulfillment offers the same kind of guarantee and service. Whether you are a small or medium-sized enterprise, your order fulfillment services are secured. This platform works well for different channels like marketplaces and various websites. Moreover, it offers unique services in their logistics solution such as:

  • Integrate all your e-commerce platforms to FedEx for a fast and accurate order fulfillment
  • There are over 200 countries within reach of FedEx. Reach out to more customers quickly and efficiently.
  • Experience a customized service or other value-added services.
  • Make a proper assessment of returned goods.

FedEx also allows the client to track the progress of its goods, and this is important. Tracking is a method for the clients to be informed of the status of their products in delivery.  Clients can remotely handle their inventory and make informed decisions based on their consumers purchasing behaviour.

ShipWire for Security and Safety

ShipWire boasts of its ability to guarantee the security and safety of your products. The two features are essential for any business because security and safety are two key considerations in choosing which order fulfillment service to pick.  Orders can get misplaced and mixed up these days, which is why ShipWire ensures that the goods entrusted to them are safe.

More than that, it employs an intelligent shipping platform to create an efficient system for pickup and delivery of the goods. What is also unique about this system is it allows the clients to work on the logistics remotely. Clients can access their facilities as well as ShipWires’ and view their pending orders.

ShipWire also has a lot of storage facilities built in different countries such as US, China, Europe, Australia, and Asia. Its vast network is not the only reason why ShipWire is one of the top logistics companies. There are other reasons such as:

  • It allows an automated and efficient operation. Technology is a significant cost reduction measure.
  • Clients know the details of the order. These details are essential for the clients so that they can track their sales and their performance. Some of the features include issues on inventory, and real-time reports on the products.
  • Reach as many customers as you want because ShipWire has several warehouses in different countries.

ShipBob For Unparalleled Convenience

ShipBob is one of the rising fulfillment services in the industry. It is located in almost all major cities, making them a good choice for convenience, reliability, and speed. One of its distinct features is its ability to offer same-day delivery in some areas of the US.  Speed and reliability play an essential role in order fulfillment services mainly because these are the qualities which set logistic services apart.

Besides choosing ShipBob for its services, there are other reasons:

  • Say farewell to hidden charges. Only pay when they receive your inventory, for storing your goods, and when they send it out.
  • Be able to send your goods in bulk without leaving a hole in your pocket. There will only be a one-time charge of $35.
  • Review your sales performance so that you can make informed decisions.
  • Always be updated on the status of your orders through ShipBob’s software solution program. The program allows the client to manage their account anywhere efficiently.

Fulfillify For More Flexibility

If you are looking for third-party logistics which is easy to understand, Fulfillify might just be what you need. Based on different reviews Fufillfy is easy to learn and understand. Ease of use is especially important to businesses these days. Like the other order fulfillment services Fulfillify can deliver all over the globe.

One of the unique characteristics of Fulfillify is that it allows the client to monitor orders and inventories in real time. There is an application for tracking your orders which works across all platforms such as your phone, tablet, computer, and the like. Tracking is vital in a business because it allows the company to improve its services and give more to its customers. Moreover, nothing is more important than making sure that your product gets to your customer.

If you are also looking for flexibility and unsure of what order fulfillment services to get, Fulfillify may be for you. You do not have to be bound by an extended period with them if you do not want to.

Order fulfillment services are necessary for the success of your business. The companies listed above are only some of the fulfillment services you can look to for your fulfillment services. Make sure to always to get the job done through the help of a third-party logistics service provider. It will save you a lot of time and money.

E-Commerce order fulfillment article and permission to publish here provided by Dona Dimaculangan at 3p-logistics.co.uk. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on April 12, 2018.