Think Global Logistics! (Podcast)

Think Global Logistics

We are at an interesting inflection point in the history of Supply Chain and Logistics. It is no longer sufficient to think locally. We must think global logistics!

I recently had the opportunity to talk with La Chang, CEO at Think Global Logistics (TGL). Here is that Podcast!

Our conversation is a part of the TGL Podcast series “A Ping Pong Chat … Back and Forth About Logistics”. The wide ranging discussion was very interesting and I hope insightful for all who listen.

For me it was an opportunity to continue to spread my message and the exciting field of Supply Chain Management, along with the promise of a great future for decades to come.

Further I like to convey the necessity for companies and organizations of all kinds to come to terms with the reality of a post-pandemic world. The truth is that disasters of some kind, whether they be local or global in scale, will recur. They may not be of the same scale as a global pandemic, but they will be just as impactful to those close enough to that disaster.

Companies and institutions run the risk of reverting to their old ways, their pre-pandemic ways, of doing business. And we already know that virtually no system was robust enough to withstand the still-reverberating forces of the pandemic.

We are at a crossroads, or what I like to call “Supply Chain’s Moment of Truth“. We can either slide back into our past behaviours or we can leap forward into the new age of a “Supply Chain Renaissance“.

It will be very interesting to see how companies move forward. For those professionals who are choosing a Supply Chain career, they will have the most exciting careers for decades and generations to come if their organizations embrace the future.

Without further ado I present my Podcast discussion with La Chang at TGL. My thanks to La and to Daniel Kasif for the opportunity.


Originally published on October 25, 2022.