Benefits of Using Job Scraping Tools for Recruiters and Applicants! reports that the world’s online recruitment industry was worth about $29.3 bln in 2021 and is predicted to reach $31.17 billion by 2030. Because of the active development of the mentioned field, recruiters globally increasingly actively seek effective tools to improve their own efficiency and the recruiting process, as well as find the most attractive vacancies.

Ordinary job seekers face similar issues, though. Statista says that over 205 million officially unemployed people were worldwide in 2022. And each applicant tries to do their best to get a well-paid position.

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Top Social Media Platforms for Job Search and Recruitment!

Social media platforms are used to keep in touch with friends and family, connect with like-minded people and share information. Over the past year, different social media sites are also gaining popularity as job-search tools.

Employers respond to this trend and start using sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to find new talent.  According to the statistics, over 70% of jobs are filled through networking and are never advertised.

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Finding and Applying for Supply Chain Jobs!

Supply chains are responsible for global economic growth and stability, and its various positions are in high demand nowadays. However, with workers from the baby boomer generation retiring, and not enough millennials are being recruited for the jobs, it has been the main issue in the industry so far. 

Interested in playing a role in creating products from start to finish, and watch the economy soar? It should be a no-brainer where to start in your career, even if you’re starting out at entry-level, with these steps.

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