Our Top 10 High Performance Organization / Cultural Change Articles!

High Performance Organization

There are differences between winning teams and a high performance organization and losing teams. There are differences between winning companies and losing companies.

Some of those differences are induced by uncontrollable factors. And while every winning team does not win all the time, and every losing team does not lose all the time, there are controllable factors which determine the predominant direction of any organization.

You can create the culture and the high performance organization which allows your organization to be successful and win more than you lose. Here we present our 10 best articles to allow you to create the culture that will lead to having a high performance organization.

1. Ground Rules for Creating a High Performance Organization (HPO)

Organizations that generally perform better than others consistently and on a sustainable basis exhibit a set of behavioural norms and values which set them apart. In this article we have summarized 9 of those critical cultural characteristics.

2. Creating a High Performance Organization (Infographic)

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. In this article we have captured the enablers and ground rules for creating a high performance organization and the results that should accrue therefrom, all of which are derived from real world experience.

3. Driving the Need for Culture Change

It is not enough to just wish for an organization change. There is enough resistance and inertia to prevent any forward progress. It is usually necessary, even in successful organizations, to create the conditions, motivation and mandate to drive forward with culture change.

Here we discuss a real example of the circumstances and steps taken to get the attention of an organization and get it to make the cultural changes needed to move from failure to success.

4. Characteristics of a Barrier Busting Culture!

In order to achieve great results your team must do things different from the status quo, as reflected in behaviours and norms at all levels of the organization. Here we outline critical, proven techniques that separate the winners from the losers.

5. 10 Mountain Climbing Strategies and Lessons for Optimum Results!

Climbing mountains, like so many other activities, offers lessons and strategies that can be applied to any aspect of life. Getting to the summit is most often a team effort and not just an individual endeavour.

Based on actual climbing experience we offer these analogies that can be used to help your team reach whatever summit you reach for.

6. Creating the Culture to Break Barriers!

There are specific techniques that can be applied to achieve dramatic improvements in organizational performance. Having learned and applied those techniques, which we have demonstrated in our article “From Worst to First“, you can achieve breakthrough results beyond your imagination.

7. To Infinity and Beyond! Ultimate Principles for Creating a World Class Team!

With the organization on the verge of failure, the CEO challenged us to turn the situation around. Through training and applying the 4 foundational principles necessary for radical change, we achieved unprecedented and industry leading results.

For the benefit of all, we share those 4 bedrock principles in the accompanying article, for application in any company or organization in any capacity.

8. Trust! The “X” Factor!

When all is said and done, the effectiveness of any organization requires trust. That does not mean that people don’t disagree, or that they blindly follow each other. It does mean that people can be truly honest with each other and give others the benefit of the doubt.

Trust is an incredibly powerful element in any High Performing Organization.

9. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro! Lessons for Life and Business!

Based upon my real life experience in preparing for and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, you can follow my journey and take lessons from my experiences.

Most importantly those lessons can be applied to benefit any aspect of your life. Here’s my story about climbing one of the 7 Summits, the highest mountains on each continent.

10. A Formula for Achieving Game Changing Results!

Based on a career of experiences, including successes, near misses, and failures, we capture our applied formula for achieving breakthrough results that others never felt possible.

Take away any or all of these techniques to achieve your goals and cross the finish line in first place.

Originally published on April 26, 2022.

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