13 Predictions for Logistics!

The logistics market is projected to hit $12,975.64 billion by 2027, registering a 6.5% growth rate from 2020 – and it’s no surprise why. 

As the world continues to get interconnected, consumers continue demanding readily available goods at short notice. For these demands to be met, we need resilient supply chain models along with an understanding of our predictions for logistics.

The weak link in supply chains over the years has been transportation. In response, companies are working to offer great value to customers’ demands, while keeping their transport logistics budget sustainable.

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Love at First Flight! Flying and Crashing My First Drone! (Video)

For many years I have thought about buying a drone. With so many shows available showing aerial video of beautiful places around the world it, having a drone would enable me to realize that same experience on my own.

On a recent trip to Costco I noticed that they had a great deal on a Drone bundle, with great features. I was sold.

My first flight of the drone was fantastic. Yet about a week after I bought it I also had my first crash, which was not so fantastic.

As they say, what goes up must come down. What on earth happened?

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The State of the Drone Delivery Market! Mainstream or Novelty?

In 2013 I saw an episode on 60 Minutes showcasing Amazon, Jeff Bezos, and Amazon’s new paradigm of home delivery by drone.

It was fascinating. A drone flew out of the Amazon Distribution Centre directly to a residential home dropped off a package on the ground, and took off while the home owner came out to pick up their package.

Now almost 10 years later we thought it timely to check on the state of the drone delivery market.

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Amazing Drone Applications Beyond Just Product Delivery!

Having seen the use of drones for stunning aerial photography, as well as Amazon’s vision of using drones for package delivery, I decided to get a drone for my own personal, recreational use. The ability to see from the vantage point of hundreds of feet in the air is a unique way to see the world, and your favourite places in it.

Beyond recreational use however I continue to see more and more great videos showing tremendous drone applications beyond just recreation and product delivery.

As such we decided to discuss many of the different uses that people have found to leverage drone technology.

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The Exciting Use of Drones for Inventory Control!

In my experience companies always had a need for Inventory Control and an annual inventory count during which all operations were shut down for at least 2-3 days. Even then there would a period during which records were being reconciled before operations could resume normal function.

On top of the annual inventory count there were ongoing manual cycle counts throughout the entire year. Dozens of people and departments were involved in this necessary, but extremely expensive, inventory controls requirement.

With the introduction of commercial drones for inventory management the potential for revolutionary improvements is very exciting.

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How the Kentucky Derby Has Implemented Technology Throughout the Last Decade!

There are few more exciting sporting events on the international calendar than the Kentucky Derby. The opening leg of the Triple Crown in the United States attracts visitors from across the globe, with Churchill Downs welcoming hundreds of thousands of visitors on an annual basis.

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