Why Satellite Solutions are a Game Changer for the Maritime Industry!

Satellite solutions

For all those in the shipping industry, satellite solutions can significantly assist in all areas of coordination. No matter what sector of the merchant shipping industry you are a part of – dry cargo to tankers, container shipping to smaller coastal tonnage or specialised units – satcom for maritime shipping solutions are crucial if you are going to keep your ship connected to the shore. 

Read on to learn why state-of-the-art satellite solutions are a game-changer for the maritime industry.

1. They offer network flexibility to put you in control. 

The best satellite solutions providers for the shipping industry offer network flexibility, ensuring you are able to find options that meet both your needs and your budget. Along with this flexibility, your satellite solutions provider should always provide high data speeds and bandwidth guarantee within this flexibility. 

For this reason, make sure you are looking for a satellite solutions provider who offers the most dependable available connectivity and can balance the traffic between 4G/3G, VSAT and L-Band links. This is how you can be assured that you and the vessel will always be connected. 

By having network flexibility, you can see to it that you are in constant control of the ship. For example, you will be able to observe a live and continuous overview of the vessel’s status through a central dashboard and customise the manner in which you perform maritime vessel tracking. It means you have all the information you need in the event of a maritime accident or incident.

You can also choose to schedule detailed usage reporting or access that information on-demand, further aiding you in detecting any misuse or unfair data usage onboard the ship. 

2. They enhance your cybersecurity. 

Additionally, the best satellite solutions will also include endpoint security featuring central management and a robust unified threat management protection system in order to keep the ship and its data as safe and secure as possible. After all, it is crucial that you take the necessary steps to protect yourself against cyber-attacks – unfortunately, this is no longer an option; it is critical. 

One of the most significant benefits of having two stages of unified threat management protection – offshore and onshore – is that it utilises two different technologies which, in turn, enhances your security. Furthermore, the usage of local distribution for updates reduces bandwidth usage.

Similarly, having a solution that includes open virtualisation platforms will also make it easy to integrate any critical applications that can further benefit (and protect) the ship and its operations. With this type of platform, you don’t need to arrange for a technician to be in attendance for each new integration, nor do you need to purchase new hardware continuously; it can all be done seamlessly. 

Altogether, this helps to ensure that you always know how your ship is operating. 

3. They allow for higher operational efficiency. 

There is no denying that there are various reasons why being connected is so important. In addition to facilitating communication between people, satellite solutions also enable you to digitalise operations and automate data processes. When this happens, it translates to more efficient operations and environmental advantages. 

For example, for those in the offshore sector, state-of-the-art satellite solutions provide the technologies necessary for you to efficiently and effectively monitor your operations. By employing the Internet of Things (IoT), these satellite solutions will aid you in collecting and assessing the necessary big data. This information, in turn, will prompt quicker offshore analysis and faster results. In addition, having remote access to this information allows for more effective information gathering and sharing.

If this is something that your operations are in need of, reach out to the top satellite solutions provider to learn how they can help you reach maximum operational efficiency. Enhance your maritime operations, communications, and efficiency by implementing state-of-the-art satellite solutions. 

4. They keep your crew happy and motivated. 

Moreover, this type of satellite solution will also aid you in keeping your crew happy and motivated as they will be connected. After all, when you have state-of-the-art marine satellite solutions implemented into your vessel, you will find that you are at the forefront of the drive for enhanced digitalisation, and far ahead of your competition. This is something they will appreciate. 

At the end of the day, your crew’s welfare is paramount, and the more connected they feel, the happier they will be. When you implement a state-of-the-art satellite communications system into the vessel, your crew will be able to access high-quality on-demand data and voice services, browse the web, communicate with loved ones, and enjoy Video on Demand (VOD). 

These connection options not only boost crew morale but they also improve socialisation onboard the vessel and allow individuals to access global news services. Altogether this translates to higher crew retention rates and greater productivity and efficiency gains

Final Thoughts 

When selecting and implementing satellite solutions for the maritime industry, it is crucial that you work with a provider with years of expertise in this area. Furthermore, the best satellite solutions provider will also offer solutions that are cost-effective and easy to deploy

For example, IEC Telecom has a OneGate system that provides access to high-quality on-demand data and voice services, ensuring that your ship can select the connectivity packages that work for them while also aiding you in managing your costs. Not only does this guarantee that your crew and your finances will be happy, but the ease of implementation also means that you can spend more time concentrating on your business

IEC is known for its state-of-the-art solutions and round-the-clock support, making it the ideal choice for anyone (and everyone) in the maritime industry. By choosing the best satellite solutions provider available, you can feel confident knowing that wherever your ship is, you have the end-to-end solutions required to manage, track, and stay connected to it

If you are in the maritime industry, are you considering upgrading your satellite solutions? Why or why not? What features do you think would be the most helpful to you and your business? Let us know your thoughts and any additional questions you may have in the comments below! 

Satellite solutions article and permission to publish here provided by Chiyako Ikeda. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on June 28, 2021.

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