What are Chatbots and Why Does Your Business Need Them?


You can communicate with customers in different ways – by phone, email, SMS, instant messengers, social networks and other channels. It has been proven that not only the quality of feedback is important to users, but also the time of its submission – they expect to receive a response from the support service within 10 minutes. 

Otherwise, the client may go to a “faster” competitor. In this case, you need to contact specialists using keenethics.com. After all, it is experienced developers who know what methods to use in this matter.

If a company knows how to quickly and correctly send useful information to customers when it is most relevant for them, then sales will grow. To accomplish these tasks, businesses resort to the help of chatbots. What are they, what tasks do they solve and what processes can you automate?

Chatbots are programs that simulate a conversation with a user. They recognize the written or spoken language of the client and answer the questions asked accordingly. Such online assistants allow you to exchange text, visual and audio information in different channels: in instant messengers, on websites, in mobile applications or by phone.

What are chatbots?

Conventionally, all chatbots can be divided into two categories: simple and smart.

Simple Chatbots

They work according to a scenario in which a specific action follows certain phrases of the client. The response to the user is formed based on the keywords of the request. If your request is formulated differently than in the bot script, then the bot will not be able to help you.

You can avoid such situations if you use hints and intermediate clarifying questions in the script. As a rule, the user can only interact with simple bots using buttons.

Despite the modest functionality of simple chatbots, they are effective for tasks that do not require human participation. For example, if the dialogue script is clearly defined, and managers communicate strictly according to it. In this case, the process can be easily automated by replacing a live consultant with a virtual assistant.

Smart Chatbots

Such bots work on the basis of artificial intelligence and learn to understand live speech at each new dialogue with the user. They are able to give an answer even when the request sounds non-standard – a person speaks or writes with errors, abbreviations or uses slang. Communication with smart bots is possible not only by pressing buttons, but also by text messages.

Try all possible dialogue scenarios once, you will only need to improve them over time.

24/7 support

An online bot will answer a question at any time of the day or night, unlike managers who do not work around the clock.

Saving money

Maintaining a regular support desk is a costly investment, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. Chatbots are a one-time investment and help to increase the efficiency of the call center (by passing only complex requests to managers) or replace it.

Speed and multitasking

The helpdesk agent will typically deal with each incoming request in turn. While the chatbot processes an unlimited number of requests in parallel without losing quality of service.

Communication personalization

In dialogs, chatbots can adapt to each specific client. Simple chatbots are able to address a client by name. And “smart” even personalize services – for example, offer the product that best suits your needs, based on the experience of past interactions.

Support for different channels

You can add a chatbot to popular messengers, to a company website, or to an app. It is important to use the maximum number of channels in order to reach and attract more customers.

What business processes can be automated

Chatbot is able to automate the following processes:

  • collection and resolution of typical support requests;
  • registration and processing of orders, informing about status changes;
  • mass information mailings on the client base;
  • online appointment;
  • receiving customer feedback;
  • payment directly in the chat, etc.

In general, a chatbot can perform many functions and depends on the needs of the business. And it depends on how the bot will have a structure, what tasks it will solve and what messages will pop up from a potential client.

Chatbot is a very convenient tool for business development. Therefore, business owners should think about how to implement such technologies at home and thereby facilitate communication with people.

Article and permission to publish here provided by Yehor Bondarenko. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on August 28, 2023.

Cover image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay