The Top 7 Best Online Retailers to Watch!

Best Online Retailers

We are all familiar with names like Google, Microsoft, eBay, and Johnson & Johnson, yet each of these companies was once a startup. So, each new business has the potential to develop into a global powerhouse and gain a competitive advantage in its industry. 

To be genuine market leaders, businesses must use cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and virtual reality. In this post, we examine some of the most cutting-edge startup businesses and online retailers that are worth following, outline their advantages, and highlight any potential advantages for you.

1. Zipline

This California-based business is transforming healthcare delivery, especially in underdeveloped nations. Drones are used by Zipline to deliver medical supplies, such as blood and vaccinations, to isolated locations where they are required. The business has already born more than 1 million packages in Rwanda and Ghana, and it is expanding to other nations.

2. Technology Envoy

A content marketing platform called Envoy Technologies is designed to boost online shops’ sales. The firm increases user engagement with augmented reality films, which in turn boosts sales.

Interested customers may sign up for a newsletter to get updates on the debut while the service is still under development. eCommerce app development services are increasingly in demand among startups, but if this is expensive for you, then you can learn all the nuances yourself.

3. Carla

There is little question that the future of transportation in Europe lies with electric vehicles and other e-mobility solutions. The 2021-founded startup’s marketplace promises to provide consumers with a quick, inexpensive, and ecologically responsible means from point A to point B. Customers may purchase, sell, or lease electric automobiles online with Carla.

Clients are given a 72-hour window for pickup and delivery, and all EVs are put through battery testing and inspection to guarantee they are in the best possible shape. Also, there is a 14-day right of withdrawal, a 12-month warranty, favorable financing, and free returns when Carla picks up the vehicle. In June of last year, the team raised an additional €19 million, bringing its total funds to nearly €32 million.

4. LeafLink

LeafLink is a platform for managing cannabis wholesale that promises to more effectively link dispensaries and cannabis companies more. LeafLink is the right source for any store or brand that wishes to simplify their communications, spend less time on busywork, and expedite their purchasing procedures.

LeafLink was able to develop a sales engine that supports merchants’ long-term growth and successful company management by utilizing its CRM tools, online marketplace, and order management software.

5. Surfboard

Natasha Ratanshi-Stein established the creative UK startup Surfboard in 2021. It has around 20 staff working at its main office, which is in London, United Kingdom. Customer support teams may now manage their staff more simply thanks to their creative ideas.

Managers may create error-free schedules using this creative technique. Also, it assists them in minimizing mistakes that result in under or overstaffing. 37 investors are presently supporting the firm.

6. Maude

A sexual health business called Maude debuted in April 2018. A variety of products relating to sex and personal care are available from the brand, including massage candles, body oil, libido boosters, massagers, condoms, and more.

The company is “redefining the sex essentials market for modern buyers.”The three guiding principles of Maude are excellence, simplicity, and inclusion. The business uses the finest manufacturers to provide customers with high-quality items, uses straightforward and sophisticated designs, and promotes inclusivity for everyone.

7. Real-world

Becoming an adult may be challenging, even though virtually all teens wish to live independently of their parents as soon as feasible. Real-world assists future individuals in preparing for maturity by giving them all the necessary knowledge and insightful guidance.

The business assists teens and young adults in learning more about health insurance, investment, automobile maintenance, taxes, and other facets of adult life. Also, the site enables you to make excellent to-do lists that compile all of your tasks for work, school, life, and health in one location.


The majority of the online retailers we’ve highlighted take advantage of the digital environment. Because of this, they may develop novel solutions regardless of their industry.

While most company activities are made simpler by the digital environment, entrepreneurs still need on-site financial knowledge. Professionals with these skills could demand salary levels that startups cannot fulfill.

Online Retailers article and permission to publish here provided by Emily Davis. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on February 23, 2023.