Attracting and Retaining Top Supply Chain Talent!

The hunt for top-notch supply chain talent is as thrilling (sometimes as frustrating) as searching for buried treasure. You know those skilled, adaptable, problem-solving stars are out there.

But in this competitive market, you’ve got to shine brighter than your rivals to win over Supply Chain talent – and then keep them committed. So, what’s the secret formula?

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3 Unique Recruitment Strategies to Attract Top Talent!

In the last decade, the methods used when searching for employment opportunities have changed dramatically. Traditionally, a proactive candidate who was seeking employment would approach companies directly, with a professionally written CV. Job adverts in newspapers were another prime source of finding new jobs and registering with a job center was commonplace for people looking to start their career. 

Today, with the explosive growth of the internet, it’s far more likely that job seekers will search online jobs boards and register with organizations to gain a personalized feed of jobs that match their criteria. In addition, many roles are now offered on a remote working basis, and this allows workers to look for suitable jobs on an international scale. 

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