3 Unique Recruitment Strategies to Attract Top Talent!

Recruitment Strategies

In the last decade, the methods used when searching for employment opportunities have changed dramatically. Traditionally, a proactive candidate who was seeking employment would approach companies directly, with a professionally written CV. Job adverts in newspapers were another prime source of finding new jobs and registering with a job center was commonplace for people looking to start their career. 

Today, with the explosive growth of the internet, it’s far more likely that job seekers will search online jobs boards and register with organizations to gain a personalized feed of jobs that match their criteria. In addition, many roles are now offered on a remote working basis, and this allows workers to look for suitable jobs on an international scale. 

For companies that seek to recruit, the challenge is to attract the highest quality talent and to offer an attractive working proposition that helps to capture the interest of the best candidates. In an increasingly global job market, recruiting firms need to consider a range of strategies that go beyond a simple job advert. 

In this article, three unique recruitment strategies will be discussed. Each of these helps to create a complete plan for recruitment that will attract high-caliber applicants and seek to retain them over a longer period of employment. 

1.   Demonstrate your culture online 

One of the key factors that prospective staff look for in modern organizations is evidence of a positive and enjoyable working culture. Put simply, staff want to feel stimulated and inspired by the working life that a company offers.

Increasingly, there’s a need for employers to be able to demonstrate that they’re socially and environmentally responsible, provide interesting and challenging roles for their talent, and have a culture that fosters creativity, inclusiveness, and collaboration. 

It’s important to understand that in the Philippines, over 72% of the population use social media sites on a regular basis. A significant proportion of these visitors will be of working age and may be using social media channels to find out more about companies that interest them. Having a strong corporate presence on social media channels can allow prospective jobseekers to find out more about your company. 

Start by encouraging existing staff in your firm to post short and memorable videos or blogs about their typical working day. Posting in this way allows social media users to gain a range of authentic insights into daily life in your company. Ideally, these posts will demonstrate enriching and stimulating roles where strong teams work together on tasks. 

In addition, the company should also actively post on social media, demonstrating its ethos, its values, and how it supports local communities and good causes. These types of posts can help to build a positive reputation for the firm and attract top talent who want to work for a forward-thinking organization. 

2.   Consider tech staff 

It’s inevitable that modern firms will need to take on specialized tech staff as their organization continues to grow and expand. For example, in the Philippines, the move to cloud-based computing solutions is continuing, with the cloud-based IT market expected to reach a total value of $1.8 billion by 2025. This is just one part of the tech market that will require highly skilled staff to improve IT infrastructure and help to build modern corporations. 

There’s a need to attract a wide range of talented tech staff to cultivate future growth in most industries and allow companies to retain a competitive edge. Recruiting skilled tech staff can be a difficult task, however. In many cases, demand for specialized tech roles outstrips the supply in the labor market, so firms must look for unique ways to reach out to tech specialists. 

For example, today, many highly gifted tech specialists can be found working at the best payout casinos that operate online. In these types of online businesses, tech staff create extraordinarily complex online infrastructure, secure payment methods, and believable gaming environments that attract paying customers from all around the world to the sites. 

Put simply, many of these tech specialists will be extremely gifted in coding and developing applications that are highly sought after across industry. Their skills will be up to date and constantly increasing as the online gaming industry advances. By searching online on sites such as LinkedIn and reaching out to staff who develop and code in the gaming industry, you may be able to proactively recruit highly qualified tech staff.

3.   Offer a comprehensive benefits package

In 2023, many companies are recognizing the value in offering a comprehensive staff benefits package to attract and retain top talent. Ideally, this will go beyond simple health benefits plans and will offer a range of healthcare solutions that can be accessed by family members as well as the employee. 

In addition, comprehensive employee well-being services, cycle-to-work schemes and fitness plans (such as subsidized gym membership) can attract talent who want to stay in the peak of health throughout their careers. This is also attractive for the employer as it helps to build a workforce that’s less likely to take days off sick and can work to high levels of productivity on a regular basis. 

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Recruitment Strategies article and permission to publish here provided by Carol Trehearn. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on November 17, 2023.

Cover image by Tumisu from Pixabay