The World’s Most Expensive Casino Chip!

Most Expensive Casino Chip

Gambling has always been one of the most sought-after entertainment in the world. Both land-based and online casinos are used in all countries. Moreover, this industry is developing so much that their number is only constantly growing. 

Many rich people constantly spend their money in gambling establishments, or become even richer. In order to make it convenient to pay, casinos came up with special chips. They have different values and equivariant a certain currency. Most often, it is dollars. There are chips for $ 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, and so on.

But where is the limit? What is the most expensive casino chip?

Find out in our review. 

The Most Expensive Casino Chip

There are many different chips that have different values. It is much more convenient to have different amounts in the form of chips, so it is more convenient to adjust the amounts of bets. If a player aims at large sums, then the chips will be appropriate, so as not to carry a lot of small ones.

$30,000 Chip

One of the most expensive chips in history cost $30,000. Interestingly enough, it was not even playable in the respective casino. 

In 2001, a legendary gambling establishment called Showboat Casino closed down. The real value of the chip in the casino would have been only $1. However, the seller sold it on Ebay as a rarity. 

$450 000 Chip

The most expensive chip in history cost $450,000. It was created by Toronto jeweler Gerald Lewy and in total it took 2.5 years. The chip is fully decorated with precious stones on both sides. Among them are pink diamonds, pink gold, and one-carat diamonds. There is a lucky number 7 on one side and an 8 on the other, made entirely of gemstones. 

Later the author began to create not only chips, but also dice and diamond-encrusted money clips.

Classic Poker Chips

There are a variety of casino chips to be found in land-based casinos.  They will differ in their value and color. It is clear that any particular rule, what they should be – there is no. But read about the most popular option. 

Such chips are most often used in Texas Hold ‘Em Poker and Omaha Hold ‘Em Poker.  There are only 6 basic colors and values in basic poker. 


There is also a full set of chips that includes many more colors. In good and top casinos, players will find just those. Explore more in the table:

Yellow (rarely used)$2
Orange $50
Black $100
Light Blue $2000
Brown $5000

Classic Casino Chips

The casino itself also has its own chips, which it gives its visitors. And most of them are about the same, but with their differences. Chips one casino can use only in this institution. In general, they are about the same as poker, with their colors and value. But while in poker the maximum amount reaches 5,000, there are also 10,000, 15,000, 20,000, 25,000 in the most prestigious casinos. 

Online Casinos

Recently, the first place is taken by online casinos. They are much more convenient to use, since players can be online anytime, anywhere from their cell phones. Moreover, such gambling sites have a larger selection of games from a variety of gambling providers, as well as unique bonuses that make the game more interesting. 

For the convenience of players, instead of chips – they simply use regular currencies such as Indian rupee, dollars, euros, rubles, and so on. Up to the fact that in 2022, cryptocurrency has become in demand. You can use it to make transactions safely and profitably and use it as currency. 

Choice of Online Casinos

In a rapidly developing world, there are more and more online casinos that offer their services in different countries. Against this background, there are various bodies that check the safety and integrity of casinos.

Among them are Malta Gaming Authority, the UK Gambling Commission, and the Curacao Commission. If an online casino has information about one of these licenses, it means that its activities are approved and legal. In case it is not, then it is better not to use this kind of site.

Rich Palms Casino

We advise you to try one of the best casinos that offer their services. It has excellent terms of use and also has a gambling license. 

Rich Palms was founded in 2020. During this time, it has developed a strong reputation. All new players will be able to get a welcome bonus on their first three deposits and more cashback. Play more than 1000 different games from top providers, use the best payment systems, 24-hour support service, and so on.


In conclusion, keep in mind that each casino has its own chips that can only be used in it. Also, there are expensive gem or rarity chips, they will be worth a lot. Basically, their role is to add to the collection.

The best option is to play in an online casino. That way, you don’t need chips and you can use any currency. Only it is important to choose the site responsibly. One of the best is Rich Palms Casino.

Most Expensive Casino Chip article and permission to publish here provided by Ann Miller. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on December 17, 2022.