8 Reasons Your Business Should Use Eco-Friendly Shipping Mailers!

Shipping mailers

Product packaging significantly contributes to the modern world’s waste problem. They’re commonly made of plastic, which pollutes bodies of water and harms the planet’s biodiversity. Many businesses are now switching to eco-friendly packaging and shipping mailers to solve this problem. 

Switching to eco-friendly materials for your product packaging and shipping is a major shift for most businesses. The initial costs are usually higher than the readily available plastic and poly mailers. However, taking a step toward this environmental initiative has more advantages that are worth the effort and budget. 

Here are eight reasons your business should use eco-friendly shipping mailers: 

1. Reduce Waste 

Plastic and polymer shipping mailers are supposedly recyclable. However, they often end up in dumpsters and are expected to last at least a hundred years. Worse, they may end up in oceans and rivers, causing the destruction of coral reefs and endangering the lives of many species. 

Reducing waste by switching to an eco-friendly mailer is one of the best decisions your business can make. Customers can use these packaging materials in compost, or recycle and repurpose them instead of throwing them away. Such methods eradicate the risk of them getting stuck in bodies of water since they degrade and break down quickly. 

Most eco-friendly shipping mailers are made with kraft paper. For bigger items, large corrugated boxes are still the best choice. To protect fragile products, it’s best to use honeycomb wrap or shredded paper as an alternative to plastic bubble wraps. These simple steps can make a massive change in alleviating the waste problem worldwide. 

2. Improve Product Safety 

Shipping products from warehouses to your customers’ doorsteps is quite challenging. The parcel is usually exposed to harsh weather changes during transportation, which may cause significant damage. There may also be issues with improper handling during delivery. Therefore, superb quality packaging is essential. 

Eco-friendly shipping mailers are just as durable as those made of plastic. They’re made with high-quality materials that withstand typical wear and tear during shipment. However, you can always choose to put them inside a corrugated box for added safety and security. 

Moreover, eco-friendly packaging is a healthier and safer option for biodegradable and food products. Since they’re wrapped with organic materials, the risk of microplastic and chemical contamination can be eliminated. You can ensure you’re only bringing the best quality goods to your customers, which helps your business gain their trust. 

3. Versatile And Recyclable 

Eco-friendly shipping mailers are versatile and recyclable. You may use them for packing and shipping a wide range of products without worrying about damage. When they reach your customers, they’re ready for recycling. 

Using eco-friendly packaging for your business is also beneficial for creating unique mailer designs. It can make your product name stand out, not only in your environmental awareness initiative but also in terms of aesthetics. Its versatility allows proper utilization of the material without compromising the design. 

You may also indicate ways to recycle your eco mailers to further your initiative. Including a QR code leading to your website’s content regarding recycling is an effective way to guide your consumers in participating in your business’s sustainability goals.

4. Cost-Effective 

Some businesses are hesitant to switch to eco-friendly mailers due to the high initial cost. However, many product packaging manufacturers now offer reasonably priced eco-friendly options. The supply increase of eco-friendly packaging and mailers makes them the wisest choice. 

Lowering the production cost is one of the essential goals of each business. Despite the eco-friendly options being slightly pricier, their benefits are worth spending on. Cost-efficiency depends on your choice of material and recycling initiatives. 

Setting up a recycling facility would be wise to save more on packaging costs. You can assign drop-off locations for used mailers and ship them to your facility for recycling or repurposing. 

5. Lower Energy Usage 

Producing plastic shipping mailers uses a lot of energy from fossil fuels. This energy source is limited, so it’s best to maximize its usage or find other alternatives that use less energy. Eco-friendly mailers made with kraft and corrugated paper consume less energy to produce than plastic and polymer ones. 

Lower energy usage also means fewer energy costs. Whether you’re producing the packaging or sourcing it from other manufacturers, it’s still necessary to keep track of how much energy you can save. It’s one way to minimize your business’s carbon footprint without compromising product quality and safety. 

6. Lessen Environmental Impact 

Plastic is one of the toxic pollutants that harm human and animal health. It’s also the culprit of the death of many birds and fish since these creatures mistake them for food. No matter how small your business is, your initiative to avoid using plastic has the power to save lives. 

If you want to lessen your business’s environmental impact, using eco-friendly shipping mailers is one of the initial steps you can take. You’re reducing the pollutants in soil, air, and water, making the world safer for everyone. You’re also lowering your energy and fuel consumption, as well as carbon emission. 

This small change can lead to a more significant positive change across different industries. Your business can make a mark that may influence other brands to make the change as well. It’s an excellent way to build your name and reputation. 

7. Increase Customer Base And Sales 

Environmental activists are encouraging the masses to support businesses with eco-friendly initiatives. It’s one way to push all the manufacturers to make the switch to retain and gain sales. Taking the initiative to use eco-friendly packaging helps you create a loyal customer base. 

With the signs of human-induced climate change experienced worldwide, more and more consumers are now conscious of their environmental impact. This awareness leads them to search for brands and businesses leading the green initiatives. You can gain more customers and retain loyal ones in the long run as they participate in your environmental goals. 

8. Boost Brand Reputation 

How a business deals with climate change is a big deal. It can make or break a brand’s reputation. Using eco-friendly packaging and shipping mailers helps your brand name stand out and gain attention from consumers leading a sustainable lifestyle. 

Leading green initiatives can create a good impression. It’s one way to show the public that you care for the environment and you’re ready to take responsibility. Accountability helps you gain your clients’ trust and maintain your business’s reputation. 

Furthermore, news travels faster than ever in the virtual world. Businesses leading the way towards sustainability earn more attention, leading to sales. Being environmentally aware shows that your business isn’t all about profit, but also about saving the planet. 


Using eco-friendly shipping mailers is only one of your business’s many steps to being sustainable. Even if it’s just a tiny step, its benefits will be experienced by future generations.

Shipping mailers article and permission to publish here provided by Claire Glassman. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on August 11, 2022.

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