5 Best SmartLink CPA Networks and their Features!

SmartLink CPA Networks

A professional affiliate knows that to increase conversion, one needs to show the visitor an interesting product or service. To do this, it is necessary to segment the audience, which takes a lot of time and requires many expenses. However, the problem is solved: just use a SmartLink CPA network. Here, we present five great options for SmartLink CPA networks.

1. MyLead 

This is a multi-vertical affiliate network with 3,000+ in-house offers for dating, gambling, crypto, commodity, etc. in the range of GEO in all countries. You can send any type of traffic, except for fraud. Among the payment models available are CPL, CPA, CPS, PPI, SMS, IVR, and SMS chat.

Since 2014, the platform has developed the most convenient interface. On the dashboard, you can see:

  • Statistics
  • Income report
  • Configuration for all companies for a certain time 

If you need a custom stat, go to the appropriate section and select the parameters of interest.

Right below, you can chat with other websites on the forum, contact managers, and read news from the world of arbitration, as well as about the latest innovations in the affiliate program itself. In addition, there is a section with a detailed guide to working with the site and a blog. In general, there is a complete package of everything that beginner needs so much.

2. ClickDealer 

This is an affiliate program from a top international marketing agency. To register in it, an email address is not enough. You must provide your address, phone number, and first and last name. Then tell about your experience — what affiliate programs you worked with, what verticals you prefer, and how much you plan to spend on traffic. The application for account activation will be considered within three working days.

It should be noted right away that ClickDealer has both standard offers and smart links. At the same time, access to them must be requested separately.

Affiliates have many verticals. These include eCommerce, lottery vouchers, mobile subscriptions, software, and utilities. In total, the catalog contains more than 11,000 offers.

3. GoldLead 

It is a multi-vertical affiliate network with 100+ offers for dating, gaming, sweepstakes, and installs. Among the GEOs, all countries are available, but most products are tailored for Tier-1 and solvent regions of Europe. You can drive almost all types of traffic using CPA, CPI, CPS, CPL, and Revshare.

The developers know exactly how to create an ideal affiliate program, where everything will be tailored to the convenience of the webmaster and to increase the efficiency of their work.

The interface of the CPA network is quite simple:

  • The design is made in the style of a pixel game. 
  • The dashboard contains top offers and a list of the latest product updates.
  • There are also statistics on all campaigns for the week and a list of offers that you might like.


It is a multi-vertical CPA network with 5,000+ offers for white goods, WAP-Click, sweepstakes, mobile installs, finance, crypto, and insurance. In addition to paying per click, the affiliate program works with the following models: SP, CPA, SOI, DOI, CC, СPI, CPR, and CPL. Available GEOs include 198 countries.

The team lives and works all over the world, thanks to which it finds local advertisers that no one else has on the market and who provide unique offers that are not squeezed out.

On the technical side, the affiliate program is also doing well. The dashboard shows general statistics, and in the corresponding section, you can find custom statistics by 12+ parameters. There is even a switch from a day-to-night theme. The platform provides applications for rent, SmartLink, and TikTok cabinets upon request.

5. Adverten

This is a SmartLink affiliate program with over 1,000 offers. To register there, you need to provide a lot of information. In addition to the standard mail and nickname in Telegram, you need to specify your first and last name and tell about affiliate programs you have already attracted traffic in, what verticals you prefer to work with, and how many leads you plan to generate.

Then, you need to activate your account – it is written that the manager will contact you within 48 hours, but, in fact, the verification takes 15-20 minutes.

Earnings on the Adverten smartlink depend on the quality of the traffic. The affiliate program accepts any GEO but gives special preference to users from the USA, Europe, the CIS, and other countries.

Please be sure to check out any of these 5 of our best SmartLink CPA Networks.

SmartLink CPA networks article and permission to publish here provided by Robin at PR Media. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on September 8, 2022.