Make Your Website Visible and Trustworthy!

Website Visible

Now, with the increasing competition in markets. Expanding and increasing the reach of your business and to make your website visible has become an essential aspect of harnessing good results from it. Every business individual tries every tack and trick to make it flourish regardless of whether it is based on a brick-and-mortar or an E-commerce platform.

And one of the best ideas is to own a website, regardless of the size and scale of your business. I said it best because, from the past few years, it has become the easiest way to catch more eyes and expand your reach, even globally, if you are capable enough to operate at these significant levels.

 Now, approximately 61.90% of people globally own both a phone and computer or a phone alone. And according to a report by common sense media, the average time spent on screens by youth and teens is 6 – 7 hours. And it opens a new gate of possibilities for your business depending upon your capabilities.

So, it has become crucial to make and design your website to be trustworthy and more reputable. It is the client and the customer to whom you have to show your website, and even a single flaw can make you lose in the game due to the running away of potential clients and the customers. 

Here are some ways to grab more eyeballs and make your website visible and more trustworthy and reputable on the internet.

Make Web Security a Top Priority

If you wonder how to make your website trustworthy, you must invest in the right cybersecurity products, most notably an SSL certificate. A well-secured website is more likely to get good customer engagement and trust acquisition.

Due to the increasing cybercrimes, people are becoming more aware and concerned about their security and privacy on the internet. Therefore, when a client or a customer visits your website, the first thing which catches their attention is https or simply a padlock symbol.

For this, you need to buy an SSL Certificate. An SSL Certificate assures the user of the security and integrity of his personal data as it gets transmitted between the web browser and the client-server. It simply makes the whole session end-to-end encrypted. In addition to this, it helps your website to garner enhanced rankings in search results on major search engines and earn a good rating. And ultimately, it makes your website visible on the internet in a good context.

Most business owners use email services or other customer support services as a subdomain of their website domain name, i.e. [email protected], [email protected]. Here will be the base domain.

So top business and website security advisors recommend getting a Wildcard SSL Certificate because this allows securing multiple first-level subdomain names under a single base domain name. A scalable and future-proof security option, you end up saving loads of money and certificate management hassles.

Always Give a Reply to the Reviews, Comments, and Queries About Your Brand

Replying to all the comments, queries and reviews should be among your priorities. This small action tells about your sincerity and how much you value your clients or the customers’ opinions and feedback. Also, with the improving search engine optimization, all the sources where your brand is mentioned can be visible in the search results. Therefore, if you leave it unanswered, you may come across as ignorant in their perspective.

While replying, keep up to this simple formula.

  • Apologize for the inconvenience they faced.
  • Always thank them for their concern.
  • Compensate their loss/problem with proper solutions and coupons or other ways.

It makes your clients and customers think that” you care and work well on their needs.” And chances are, they may change their reviews and ratings in a good sense.

Put Testimonials on Your Website

Testimonials are written or verbal statements that extol the virtue of the products and services of your brand. It makes the new visitors clear of some doubts and misunderstandings of your brand. This way, you can show your brand value and your commitments to the new visitors. So don’t think, simply put it there.

Is Your Website Mobile Responsive?

Responsiveness of your website to a mobile phone is one of the practical points for your brand to grow. According to CNBC, 72.6% of mobile phone owners use their mobile phones to access the internet. Therefore, your website’s response to a mobile phone should be speedy and hassle-free. However, suppose a visitor to your website finds it challenging to access, read and navigate on your website, most probably after a few tries.

In that case, they may abandon you in the presence of a competitor, and you will lose the numbers. And this negative mobile user experience results in lower search engine ratings, which makes it harder to find through the search engine results to the users.

It Should Be Easy To Find You

It is the domain name that allows you to put your website on the internet. So it should match your brand in some way, making it easier for visitors to identify your brand. Further, this can be clubbed with the best SEO (Search Engine Optimization ) practices and algorithms, keyword research and paid online advertising campaigns.

The Website Design Should Be Clean and Straightforward

Use of fonts, colours, images and other multimedia visuals should be limited. Don’t use numerous colours and font sizes because it distracts the focus from the main content. Paragraphs are better to be short, and essential information and content are bullet points, making it digestible and easy on the eyes.

How much time a user has spent on your website depends on how easy it was to access and navigate. SEO algorithms also track this. And it changes the ratings accordingly. So the better the ratings, the better the search result. This, in turn, helps you to get good traffic on your website.

Also, keep the website compatibility in your mind. Whether it’s being searched through a mobile phone or a computer, it should be responsive on the optimum levels. Because in the end, it’s the clients who have to experience it.

Equip It With Landing Pages

Keep in mind that if you run some marketing campaigns for your products and services, you keep innovating or launching. Rather than linking your website’s homepage, landing pages are better because of the client/customer’s comfort.

On clicking the link, a landing page directs the user to a particular product or service page, which you have launched. In addition to comfort, It also saves the time of the user. The cumulative arete of such characteristics enhances the user experience. 

Tell Them About Your Motives and Values

Apart from the products and services that your brand provides, put a brief description of the motto and motive of your brand on your website, along with some proof of the works you do for keeping this motto alive. It creates a positive image of your brand from the customer’s perspective.

Keep Your Contact and Other Public Information Easily Accessible

Whether it’s your contact number, email address, fax, Office address or other information like your brand’s CIN (Corporate Identification Number) assigned by ROC ( Registrar of Companies). So they can contact you quickly and verify about you if there is a need to do so.

Add Your Social Media Accounts in a Dedicated Corner

Now a large number of internet users use some social media platform to lead them there. And when you post some content about your brand, like corporate meetings, collaborations with others, brand expansion, upcoming products and services and much more. They can see it here, leading them back to you depending on their experience with you.

In The End

As new algorithms and ways keep coming, grab it. As we know, “With the coming of new things, the latter gets diminished in time.” So, it’s a need of time to be on time to make your website visible and trustworthy.

Website visible and trustworthy article and permission to publish here provided by Ken Smith. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on September 8, 2021.