10 Tips for a Successful eCommerce Launch!

ECommerce launch

With COVID-19, online commerce took a second breath and started twisting on. It has myriad benefits, and the main one is a minimal investment. However, the modern online global market is comparable, and a successful eCommerce launch of your own shops seems daunting or even impossible.  

In this article, we will tell you all about successful eCommerce launch strategies and share 10 main tips. Interested? Follow reading to become aware of them and open a sensational online shop!

1. Start From Small

This tip is the main one. Don’t be afraid to start small. Although you are creating a brand from the ground up or just digitizing an existing one, you should always start with something local.

At least, you should always assume that the new business may fail. So, more rational will be a minimal investment, especially if it’s the first attempt. For such cases, we recommend building up something systematically, so read about the headless eCommerce definition and consider choosing it.  Additionally, the locally based website is also easier in tracking and overseeing 

2. Reach The Adorable eCommerce Storefront

The second tip is to make a website that looks good and navigates great. Believe that aesthetic platforms catch the eye, attract new visitors, and, consequently, bring new customers. The platform should also be easy to navigate.

In such cases, we recommend cooperating with such specialists as web and graphic designers. They will definitely support you with an adorable eCommerce platform in the short term and optimize accuracy, relevancy, and content. Don’t spare the money on such cases. 

3. Provide An Excellent Customer Support

According to various statistics, online shops with good 24/7 customer support attract over 85% of people. Over ½ of them were encouraged to make a purchase in such online facilities and recommended it to their friends and relatives. 

Visitors are also worried about their privacy, so you should support them with warranties of it. The most common method is an SSL or also called Secure Sockets Layer certification. Before getting the SSL secure route, you shouldn’t even consider opening an online headless eCommerce. 

4. Create Accounts On Social Media

Marketing promotion is an extremely vital part of making your business successful and well-known. Over 50% of Earth’s people are spending 2 hours daily on social media platforms. Therefore, we recommend you create some accounts of your brand on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. It’s also a good idea to record the reviews of your products and post them on YouTube, TikTok, or Reels.

Posting useful content makes you a trusted online shop on the global market. Bear in mind that this marketing method is one of the simplest and most effective ones. Experience shows that even buying ads isn’t necessary because you can get a voluminous auditory in a few days of being active. 

5. Make The Traffic To Run

Having an adorable web design, you should also make the traffic of its run. How? There are lots of various ways. However, the simplest one is using SEO. Surfing the internet, you may find some free or paid tools.

This is used in the content and description of your shop. So, you should get in touch with an aced copywriter and search engine specialist to make the highest rate for your shop on Google. Remember: search engine optimization makes websites valued and visible on the first browser pages.

Using various tools and services for tracking the activeness of your website helps to course the life of your website and observe the flow of visitors and their actions. Keep in mind that everybody is a potential customer. It also helps to reveal which type of content is the most likable.  

6. Compose An Email List

Composing an email list is also a nice idea to promote your website. You may ask the appropriate bureaus for help as well as do it on your own. Compose a list in a typical dialogue form to prevent it from moving to the recipient’s spam folder.

The base of email receivers you may also find surfing the internet. There are some websites that purpose email newsletters. You have to buy the needed quantity of recipients and paste the following text in a special gap. After that, you have to wait for new customers and traffic improvement.

7. Offer The Useful Downloads

Meet an innovation: the virtual shop with digital products. If it’s possible, you should also present your visitors with free and useful downloads. For example, if your headless eCommerce purposes the educational products, you can provide them with a file with the best textbooks for learning Spanish.

Present it in this context: “Subscribe to the regular emailing or create an account to get the file with the list of the best books to learn the language of Paella country!”. Or you may just offer useful downloads for a symbolic price, interesting the visitor to buy it. 

8. Provide The Myriad Of Payment & Delivery

If your products aren’t digital, take care of payment and delivery. Modern shops support the myriads of payment and delivery methods. Learn the competitors, estimate your abilities and purpose to the customers the most useful methods. The season bonuses such as cashback or free delivery are also useful. 

9. Make The Data Based Additional Offers

Thanks to artificial intelligence, now it’s possible to make data-based additional offers. It works by analyzing the customers’ chronic on the shopping platform, their cart liked items they will receive similar products. This is useful for clients as well as for online shop owners. The first one helps to find an appropriate model or models, for the second one: it makes the traffic more active and ups the rates.   

10. Before The Launch, Test Your Website

The final point is testing your website with headless architecture. Check the design, navigation and content before launching it. If everything is good, we congratulate you on opening a business!

Last Words 

In this article, we provided you with 10 tips to have a successful eCommerce launch. Follow them, track the running, content and provide visitors with free bonuses.  Remember about your transparency and accounts on social media platforms. Good luck, future millionaire!

eCommerce launch article and permission to publish here provided by Shaunda Tainio. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on August 23, 2022.