What is ECommerce Order Fulfillment and Why is it Important?

What is ECommerce order fulfillment

Ecommerce is the future of the modern economy. With many countries placing restrictions to protect the health of their citizens or initiating a lockdown altogether, eCommerce is often the only option to keep the economy going. But what is ECommerce order fulfillment?

Meeting today’s service standards requires eCommerce order fulfillment. If your customers can’t receive the fast shipping service they have come to know and love, your eCommerce business might be pushed aside. 

Customers will find alternatives if eCommerce order fulfillment is not to their liking. By improving conversions and driving more sales, the best eCommerce fulfillment services and Supply Chain strategies help transform logistics into revenue drivers.

What Is Ecommerce Order Fulfillment?

Not sure what eCommerce order fulfillment means? Let us explain it to you. Ecommerce fulfillment refers to the full business of delivering a customer’s order and having it fulfilled after they place it digitally. We can act as a bridge between the eCommerce platform or business and the consumers. Collecting and storing goods, data entry, sorting out goods, packaging boxes, and getting the things to the customer’s shipping location are all aspects of this distribution process. 

Ecommerce fulfillment solutions can be done by a fulfillment firm or through the eCommerce firm in-house. Simple Global helps direct-to-consumer firms succeed online by providing a leading eCommerce fulfillment approach to meeting today’s consumer demands. Our web of fulfillment centers and technologies enable us to do so.

How Ecommerce Order Fulfillment Works?

If you are new to the world of eCommerce fulfillment, you might have very little idea about how it works. You might not even have given much consideration to how an eCommerce order gets delivered to your door before. Selecting and packaging orders are only one of the eCommerce fulfillment processes. Your online retail store will function more smoothly with the top eCommerce fulfillment suppliers. 

Consider your eCommerce fulfillment service as an asset of your company. The full fulfillment operation is made up of numerous moving parts, from supply management and management to selecting the best packing for the lowest practicable dimensional weight. It is completed in several steps. Let us explain the steps to you.

1.         Receiving Inventory

You will need an inventory before you could even fulfill orders using any eCommerce platform. If you decide to track inventory in-house, you’ll need to have enough inventory on hand. If you’re outsourcing fulfillment, you’ll need to send inventory to the company that will handle it.

2.         Storage of inventory

The organizing and storing of your items are defined as inventory storage. Inventory storage that is done correctly can keep your items safe and secure while also allowing you to see what is ready to send to your clients. Storing inventory is also part of the eCommerce fulfillment process.

Meanwhile, after a customer completes online purchases, you may require a temporary storage option to keep their orders if they don’t want them delivered immediately. In that case, you can consider luggage storage facilities to have your items delivered and safely held until your clients can pick them up or are ready to receive their orders.

However, it would be best to work with a reputable storage provider. For instance, you can search online for ‘luggage storage New Orleans‘ if you live in the Big Easy and are looking for temporary storage.

3.         Processing of orders

The order will then be handled after it’s been registered. Selecting, or retrieving products from storage, and packaging, or making the package prepared to send, are part of the procedure. A shipping note, which details the quantity and warehousing placements of each product, is frequently used. It will include crucial information such as the customer’s information and any particular instructions. Finally, the box must be labeled with a shipping label.

4.         Shipping

The seller must dispatch the order after it is finalized and is ready to send. This might entail a trip to the postal service or Courier Center, or having the items picked up by a carrier from the fulfillment center. Many providers will provide you with tracking information once the purchase has shipped, which you may share with consumers to keep them informed about their delivery.

5.         Returns

You should always be equipped to handle an issue if the product is returned by a consumer. They may return it to you or even to the fulfillment supplier, where it will be assessed. The product can either be replenished or discarded due to malfunction, depending on the product’s quality and your return policy.

Why Is Ecommerce Order Fulfillment Crucial / Important?

Like we have discussed before, we are at a turning point when it comes to how business is conducted. No one anticipated what to do when the pandemic first attacked the world in 2020. Businesses and consumers everywhere were scrambling to adjust. There had been a surge in new clients drawn to the internet market by accessibility and a lack of choices. 

Retailers battled to keep product categories stocked, while services failed to meet rising demand as fulfillment centers maintained their social distance.

The quick expansion proved challenging for internal administrators, who were taken by surprise by out-of-date tools and systems that were not designed for it. Since then, both retailers and online fulfillment partners have learned to adapt. Ecommerce fulfillment is now more important than ever before. 

2-day shipping isn’t just for industry giants like Amazon, proper eCommerce fulfillment will allow you to achieve the same quality when it comes to delivering the goods. We offer 2-day shipping anywhere in the continental US, along with same-day shipping. This is the kind of service that customers have come to expect.

Not only do technological advancements allow consumers to purchase products from stores that are nowhere near them, sometimes it can be a necessity. Ecommerce is not new; the process of eCommerce fulfillment has flourished over the past couple of decades.

For instance, many fulfillment software have been on the rise to provide assistance to various ecommerce business owners. This technological advancement is designed to help businesses automate the various aspects of their operations. 

From order processing to picking of items and product packing, down to inventory management and deliveries, an ecommerce fulfillment software can help boost productivity and achieve control over your business. It has essential features that make it a must-have tool for an ecommerce business. These can include easy-to-use dashboards, multiple channel integrations, security protocols, and other unique features. 

With all these things being said, only the most cutting-edge technology will now suffice when it comes to a logistics solution for your online business. Proper eCommerce order fulfillment is crucial if you want high customer satisfaction and if you want to stay competitive.

A flexible and dynamic eCommerce fulfillment partner can learn and adapt to the obstacles that come with sudden global commercial shifts. Partner with a flexible service that adapts to changing global conditions. That’s how you gain a competitive advantage by focusing on fulfillment.

But, aside from all the things mentioned above, ecommerce order fulfillment can be important in some other ways. These can include:

  • Better inventory management: With ecommerce order fulfillment service, you can manage your inventory properly. Your fulfillment partner will carry out effective inventory management practices, including proper collection and storage of data, which are designed to optimize your business’s shipping process. 
  • Enhanced branding and packaging: Working with a fulfillment partner can also help improve your branding and packaging. Since you have other people handling the preparation and shipping process, you can set your business apart from those sellers who are doing the regular order processing. As a result, you can provide better customer satisfaction.

Better returns management: With ecommerce order fulfillment, dealing with returns will no longer be a challenging process. Your fulfillment provider can assist them to ensure a seamless returns process without compromising customer satisfaction.


Ecommerce fulfillment is the hidden backbone of online eCommerce. By assuring proper delivery and quality service, eCommerce fulfillment can keep your customers satisfied. Choosing the correct eCommerce fulfillment service that can handle the magnitude of orders we have seen in 2021 is essential. Simple Global can be your eCommerce fulfillment partner and help you achieve the quality of service your customers deserve.

What is ECommerce order fulfillment article and permission to publish here provided by Daniel Choi. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on June 9, 2021.

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