UX and UI – What are they?

UX and UI

The modern world is full of innovations and non-standard solutions. With these decisions come new terms that are sometimes difficult to interpret correctly.

Today’s article is devoted to such terms as UX and UI from the design industry.

So, what do UI and UX mean and how to decipher them correctly?

When you hear these terms in people’s conversations, you can be sure that they are talking about two fairly well-known professions related to technology, in particular, design.

UI – “User Interface Design”

UX – “User Experience Design”

Both of these terms work almost completely together, and these elements are also decisive. However, do not think that since their names are similar, then they are responsible for similar things.

In fact, their purposes are different, as they are used in different directions. If your company requires a creative interface and high-quality product, then UI/UX design services can help you in creation.

Let’s look at each term separately:

Digital world with UX

It is worth noting that basically this element is being successfully introduced into the digital sphere today. The term arose earlier, therefore it was applicable in science and everyday life, and thanks to the rapid growth of technological progress, this element is now in demand in the IT-field.

In simple words, it is fashionable to say that this element is responsible for the quality of interaction between a product and a person: an online store, a microwave oven, watching a theater performance, and so on. Therefore, now the conclusion is much easier to draw – the design of the user interaction is interested in all the significant moments of the experience that form the new one.

UX design: what you should know

It should be clarified that the main task of a UX designer is to carefully analyze how a particular user experience can be described, and he also pays attention to the level of difficulty in performing various tasks for clients. It is important to mention that a good designer takes the opportunity to look at the level of execution of tasks in the user thread, which helps him calculate certain trends.

User experience design:

  • Progress for interactions; improving quality levels and reducing errors.
  • Cognitive practice that is successfully used in digital industries.
  • Identification of a general feeling (based on the experience)

Digital world with UI

To begin with, it is critical to understand that this is not a scientific term in any way, because this element is used solely for digital interests. Therefore, the term provides a qualitative interaction between any touch-sensitive electronic device and a person who works with this appliance.

This element takes into account the level of interactivity and visuals in order to understand how attractive and comfortable a particular interface is.  With UI, websites and apps have a unique format.

UI design – what you should know

This is a complex task that can be carried out by a professional, as it involves a lot of knowledge: how to provide product transformation, content, research, and the like. Therefore, it is essential that this task is carried out by a specialist.

User interface design:

  • A practice that takes into account such visual interface elements as icons, graphics, diagrams, adaptability, buttons, etc. Responsible for high quality interactivity.
  • Visual accompaniment of the client in order to understand what interface the user expects. The goal is convenient use of the platform.
  • Identification of the pros and cons of the visual in order to improve the quality and choose the right direction for development. The goal is to increase the level of aesthetics and expediency.

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Parallel analysis of two terms:

UX – identification of issues → further solutions.

UI – creation of interesting and comfortable interfaces.

UX – engaged in prototyping

UI – engaged in animation

UX-designer – responsible for the comfort of the user path

UI-designer – populates a custom path with animation.

UX – refer to anything physical and digital.

UI – responsible only for the digital experience.

UX – content

UI – branding or graphics


We figured out what the terms UX and UI mean, moreover, we discussed their usefulness in the IT-sphere. Therefore, rest assured that a good interface and quality product can be created with these elements.

UX and UI article and permission to publish here provided by Filip Novak. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on March 30, 2022.