Optimizing the Modern Data Analytics User Experience (UX)!

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It generally takes quite a bit of convincing to get business leaders to sign off on a data analytics user experience initiative — especially when it involves upgrading from a legacy system to one offering the latest wave of advanced features.

Then it’s continually important to justify the initial investment by demonstrating how analytics are driving performance with factors such as reduced inefficiencies and increased revenue.

Far too many companies have deployed analytics systems with high hopes, only to find the results underwhelming. Why? Because employees weren’t adopting the tools made available for any number of reasons.

It’s not enough to have analytics available; your employees have to be willing and able to incorporate them into routine business decision-making.

Only then will enterprises experience the return on investment they’re hoping to see.

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UX and UI – What are they?

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The modern world is full of innovations and non-standard solutions. With these decisions come new terms that are sometimes difficult to interpret correctly.

Today’s article is devoted to such terms as UX and UI from the design industry.

So, what do UI and UX mean and how to decipher them correctly?

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