Tips to Grow YouTube Views Count Instantly!

YouTube Views

Social media today is a place where many people express themselves and bring valuable information as well as entertainment to others. YouTube, and YouTube views, sits in a special place because it’s not just a platform for communication, but the second biggest search engine in the world.

There are many bloggers who develop their niche successfully on YouTube but there is still space for new faces in practically all industries. In this article, we with an expert will share with our readers the most effective hacks and tips for growing your audience on YouTube and getting more views for your videos. 

Purchasing Stats

This topic is probably the most controversial one when it comes to promotion. It is important to note that third-party promotion is considered illegal on YouTube. Nevertheless, you will be surprised to know how many celebrities are actually using it.

For beginners, the option to buy YouTube views with instant delivery seems to be a decision that with an efficient strategy only instantly solves all the problems. And it is true.

Simply buying social media stats is not enough. You have to create a really well-working plan. Consider getting views or likes for your YouTube channel only if you are sure that your videos are valuable and interesting to real users. Otherwise, your investments will not improve your performance from a long-distance perspective. 

Follow Trends

Probably the most effective method to attract some attention to your profile is to post viral content. And there is no need to try and create something that will shoot the stars at once. Piggyback on what’s popular!

And it doesn’t mean you should copy someone’s content. You may take a general idea and participate in it to gain views for your other videos too. As an example, think of TikTok – copying and spreading someone’s viral video is a basic purpose of being on that social network. Same works for YouTube.

Look for what is hot right now and integrate it into your content in a way you like. Rethinking and optimizing the original idea is a great way to drive the interest of new users and increase your reach. 

According to the digital marketing specialist Damien Hong, people constantly crave seeing new personalities and that’s why if you think you might start a blog, that’s what you should do. 

Damien: Nowadays social platforms like YouTube seem to be overwhelmed with content. But the truth is that people don’t follow one blogger on social media, do they? Even more, they often follow a few personas from the same niche for the sake of a variety of content. The chances you will get a huge audience are big, so I think that practically anybody can become successful on YouTube. You just have to start, and I am here to tell you how to gain views and develop your channel.


Sometimes you can use the authority of other bloggers from your niche to gain attention to your channel. Try to attract popular guests to your videos and co-work with other influencers from your niche. You can even order a promotion from them if you have free finance for that.

Investing in influencer marketing works great for small blogs that want to get quality attention to their material in a short term. This way you will reach an audience that is already interested in your industry topics.

Becoming friends with popular bloggers improves your reputation too – your blog is more visible and you obtain more views by simply exposing your content specifics with the authority of celebrity guests. 

Upload At The Popular Time

For the best result, you should find the most suitable time to pop your videos on the platform. To do that – find out when your target audience is visiting the platform and watching videos. On YouTube, you can easily see this data in your “when your viewers are on YouTube” report.

The platform examines user behavior in order to optimize the system and make people stay there longer. The correlation is simple: you post at the good time – you get more views – the algorithm improves your rating position. 

Make Creative Thumbnails

The video thumbnail is a first interest hook that you have to use on YouTube. This little picture can do miracles for your visibility. Damien has a few simple rules for making a great thumbnail for a YouTube video:

  • Make a pleasant color scheme that has a combination of bright and mold colors
  • Use faces or product close-ups
  • Add keyword-rich texts, but keep it as short as possible
  • Delicate branding and consistent style 
  • High-quality images ( 1280 to 720p, with size lesser than 2 Mb) 

Make A Trailer For Your Channel

A trailer is a video that gives users a brief presentation about your channel. It will be shown to your YouTube channel visitors on the main page. In this video, you must explain to users why they should watch your videos and subscribe to you, and highlight the specialties of your content.

Don’t make it too long – remember the classic movie trailers! A dash of wit to highlight the bare facts about your videos and personality. 

Add Subtitles To Your Video

This is a simple yet effective life hack that can boost your views and expand your target audience. Adding subtitles or closed captions to your materials can make your videos easier to perceive, and make them available to a bigger mass of people.

For example, foreigners who know your language can still struggle with listening to your speech due to the accent or imperfect knowledge, but with subtitles, your content becomes more comfortable for them. Here you go – more views. 

Improve Your Optimization

To increase recognition on YouTube, you have to optimize your profile and videos, so they will be suggested by the algorithm to the target audience. 

Create impressive branding

Branding means that you must develop a certain channel aesthetic that will be associated with your personality and content. All the visuals that you have on YouTube have to be created and organized according to the idea of your channel.

Add personification details that help users to distinguish your profile from others and also underline your authenticity. 


Yes, your texts have to be another tool for reaching the right goals. Do your keyword research to see which terms are most relevant for your materials and use them vigorously in your video descriptions, naming, and hashtags.

Also, remember to put your channel in the proper category for better algorithm performance. 

Turn on the “Related channels” option 

“ I almost cry when I see people missing their chances here”, Damien says. The reason to get sad about it is that with this feature turned off, you lose major support in getting your videos to the Suggested content.

“Related channels” has a networking effect, connecting your materials to similar ones, thus increasing the possibility of it being seen by more people. 


YouTube is a social platform. So, to become popular you have to talk with your viewers – that’s why they come to social media after all. Take the initiative into your hands and engage users in conversation in all the ways possible.

First of all, respond to the comments you receive and always try to make a nice conversation out of anything. Ask your viewers a question through your video or in the pinned comment. Discuss your videos and participate in other bloggers’ activities to attract attention to you.

In other words, just be there when people want to talk to you. 


Damien: To me, YouTube is a wonderful place. It’s a big playground where you can find new ideas and friends, and become popular and respected. The main thing that you have to remember is that the best way to grow a blog, and get many views and likes is to provide valuable, trustworthy, and entertaining content, as well as be open to a lot of communication and work. 

YouTube views article and permission to publish here provided by Sarah Andres. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on September 30, 2022.