HyperCash Cryptocurrency – A Detailed Overview!


HyperCash Cryptocurrency (HC) is a decentralized, open-source cryptocurrency.

It has a dual sidechain designed to allow free exchange of assets and transfer of information between different systems. Exchanging HC to PHP today is no problem.

The Australian company, CollinStar Capital, handles the development and promotion of the HyperCash cryptocurrency. It is an asset management company. It specializes in blockchain infrastructure.

HyperCash (HC) is a bridge between blockchain-based systems and conventional networks. It is done to ease a free exchange of information between them. The developers themselves call their product a two-chain ecosystem. It also supports post-quantum signature technology, which protects against serious vulnerabilities.

Features of the HCash Cryptocurrency

HyperCash is designed to build “links” between blockchains so that transactions can flow from one network to another. The project also emphasizes privacy: addresses and wallets are divided into “black” and “white”. Encryption is implemented on the basis of the cryptographic algorithm zk-SNARKs.


The HCash ecosystem consists of two chains. Is the main HCash and HyperExchange that operates. The latter creates a so-called link bridge between blockchains and non-blockchain systems like Directed Acyclic Graph.

HyperCash uses a hybrid PoW and PoS mechanism. This means that all blocks generated via PoW must be verified by PoS miners in order for them to become part of the blockchain. The developers did this to defeat the monopoly on computing power while maintaining unprecedented network security.

The HyperCash platform is based on the following principles:

  • Combining blockchain technology with the DAG system allows for unlimited data exchange at high speed.
  • Fund usage anonymity is protected by Zcash technology, a zero-disclosure proof system.
  • hybrid consensus model based on PoW and PoS protocols.
  • Self-management through the DAO system — a decentralized voting system that determines the project’s future development path.
  • Consideration of quantum resistance and increased security against attacks with appropriate hardware
  • Secure transactions between different systems of private and public accounts.
  • Any amount is available for transfer. The number of transactions is not limited.

HCash privacy and use of DAO technology

The anonymity and privacy of the HyperCash network are ensured by zero-disclosure proof protocol technology. This advanced technology will be used to achieve two-way encryption and in the transfer of assets in other areas.

The HCash operating principle

The Hcash project has integrated an online customer communication feature. It can support multi-platform token transfers to provide privacy in daily communication between customers (peer-to-peer).One of the cornerstones of the creation of the HyperCash platform is collective ownership. A decentralized autonomous organization, or DAO for short, is integrated into the operation of the system. Cryptocurrency at a bargain price for exchange and buy is available on the crypto aggregator website. HyperCash holders will be able to use the funds in a real-time dynamic voting system.

HyperCash Cryptocurrency article and permission to publish here provided by Leon Fischer. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on February 4, 2022.