How Can Online Poker Players Use AI to Win More Games?

Poker Players Use AI

Artificial intelligence is everywhere these days. While in theory, our phones, houses, and other devices have all had elements of thinking for themselves or at least predicting our behavior – but now services like ChatGPT can essentially formulate ideas that make them feel like sentient beings yet with the world wide web as their knowledge base.

The question is, however, can AI help humans to become better Poker players and how can online poker players use AI to win more games?

Asking the AI about your hand

With lots and lots of information at the disposal of AI, you can essentially talk to these services and ask them to complete tasks or find out information. If you tell the AI system what exact cards you have along with the flop, the turn, and the river it will assess your overall hand strength and what you currently have.

In theory, this is a great tool to use for your poker development. If you practice by yourself and input all the information you will steadily have a good understanding of different card combinations. It’s amazing to dissect each card combination, instead of looking it up in a large book it’s much easier to find out.

While you could do this during a game you’re playing online, you’ll have to be quick at typing it out. Maybe a second device is necessary to have the poker application and ChatGPT open simultaneously. In such a case, if you can also provide other information about your fellow players at the table, the AI might be able to assist you with your next best move.

I.e. saying I have X cards, there are Y on the flop, and I’m playing with two very aggressive adversaries who enjoy raising the pot at seemingly every hand. The more information you give the AI the more relevant your response will. Again, be quick as some poker tables might not appreciate it if you’re taking an eternity to check with the AI upon every juncture.

Taking it to a live game might not be the best idea, as casinos or game operators might see it as outside interference – and have you land in hot water. If you’re with friends and playing for fun, it might be interesting if you all play along with ChatGPT but tell everyone first before they think you’re a poker god now.

Analyzing other players’ behaviour

AI is essentially what you put into it. If you can accurately describe what another player is doing to the system, it will use its huge resources of data to try to suggest why an opponent is playing a specific way. Of course, this is just an informed estimate and the other player might completely throw you off in the next round.

Game Simulation

On some of the smarter AI offerings like ChatGPT, when asking about how to get better at poker the machine will offer to simulate a game in which you can control all the attributes of a table. It will break down all of the key moves and potential to win through various means.

While it might be a bit slow and take time to find the right text to put in, this is a very useful tool to understand how different hands play out with the community cards. While AI is usually just text-based right now, it won’t be long until some software developers integrate into a poker interface to create an AI poker experience.

This option is really good however as at present a lot of these AI options are free and unbiased. Current poker players have an agenda as they are humans. They want your money in tuition fees and they might not teach you everything they know, as they’ll still want to beat you if you’re sitting across the virtual table from them when playing online poker for money.

General questions about poker and strategy

It’s worth remembering that AI knows a lot about everything. You don’t need to tell it incredibly detailed information to get general information. If you’ve forgotten how to set up the game or the rankings of each combination then the AI will be able to assist.

Artificial intelligence also understands the mechanisms of how different poker strategies play out and why you would choose to employ them. It can explain methods like high-risk or low-percentage games and tell you why they are effective.

You can even ask it for stats and the data surrounding the probabilities of different hands. Everyone probably knows its very difficult to get a royal flush (one in 649,740) AI can serve as a good reference point to have open, telling you about all the different combinations. Furthermore, if tell it what cards you have it’ll adjust the odds.

Poker Players Use AI article and permission to publish here provided by Andrej Fedek. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on June 16, 2023.