Storage Container Accessories for Sale!

Container Accessories

Are you thinking of securing, decorating, or renovating your Storage container? There are several container accessories, furnishings and decorations you can add to your shipping container.

But let’s discuss the important storage container accessories.


We can supply CISA66 padlocks which are insurance rated. The padlocks fit perfectly into the Lock Box which is installed to the new container doors as standard, and on request it can be fitted to second hand container doors.

Anti-condensation finish

Grafo-Therm is a compound that is sprayed onto the internal roof of a container to prevent condensation from dripping inside the container. It does not remove the moisture from the environment but it acts as a sponge and soaks up the excess moisture and then releases the moisture as vapour when temperatures increase.


Dampstick dehumidifiers work to extract the airborne moisture from the inside of containers. They have the same effect as silica gel, but have their own collection sump to ensure moisture does not escape back into the atmosphere inside the container. Ideal to use when storing paperwork, for example.


Ramps can be supplied to aid in the access and egress to and from containers. They are ideal if the use of a forklift or pallet truck is required on a regular basis. Many different types of ramps rated to different weights can be supplied. Ramps can also be attached on a hinge so they remain integral to the container at all times.

Shelving & Storage

Containers make an excellent storage of items from engine parts to archive paperwork in boxes. Shelving helps to maximise the storage usage and can be either fixed fabricated “heavy duty” or bolt together “light weight”.


Lighting, alarms, heating or any electrical supply to the container is possible. We work with the customer to ensure that the correct supply, in the correct location comes already fitted, giving the customer a “Turn Key” solution at the time of arrival on site.


Windows and Doors

Additional windows with anti-vandal shutters are ideal to let in natural light and airflow, ensuring security is still kept. Doors can be fitted; from basic off-the-shelf doors to ten point locking security doors, blast proof doors and electric or manual roller doors. In fact, let us know what you need and we will source the part and fit it for you.

Insulation and Lining

If you need to keep an ambient temperature, or want to use the containers as an office or accommodation unit, we can line the interior of your container with various insulation and finishing materials.

Container accessories article and permission to publish here provided by Karthik at Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on February 2, 2023.