Mastering Defense in FC24: Unveiling the Power of Advance Defense and Tactical Strategies!


12 years ago Tactical Defense revolutionized FIFA. Football fans weaned themselves off one-button automatic tackling and moved to a deep active defense system with jockey, which was then complemented by smart interceptions. FC 24 takes things one step further.

The mechanics in the game are becoming more complex and interesting. Not every player can immediately play at a high level and many turn to boosting companies for help.

There, professional gamers help players complete difficult content and buy FC 24 Coins, which are extremely important for leveling up game accounts. It doesn’t matter whether you play defensively or offensively – you always need coins to buy the best players and strengthen your team.

We tell you how the new Advanced Defense works, and also give useful tips to improve your game.

How does Advanced Defense differ from Tactical Defense?

Experts say that a defensive game is better for beginners in FC24. Advanced protection can be selected in the gameplay settings of the game options. From the developers’ explanation, it seems that it only adds an alternative control layout. In reality, everything is a little more complicated.

In the usual Tactical Defense, the tackling button (B/circle) is responsible for two functions at once: tackling the ball and working with the body. They work automatically, so sometimes lead to unnecessary fouls in the penalty area. Advanced defense divided the selection functions.

As before, selection works using the B/circle button, but manual selection with the body (A/cross) has also appeared. When your footballer runs alongside, he grabs the opponent with his hands, fights shoulder to shoulder, and often wins the ball without a hard tackle. By the way, a similar system works in the latest parts of eFootball.

Which protection should you choose?

For most players, Tactical Defense will be fine (for example, check the 4-3-3 formation guide). It’s simpler and doesn’t force you to think during critically important dynamic episodes of matches. In addition, only this one has a restraining button.

Convergence is rarely used, but it will help in some situations. On the other hand, Advanced Defense is a must-try for all FC 24 players. Play a few matches against the computer on high difficulty and evaluate the pros and cons of the new system. Accurate reactions to different game moments at high speeds will help in competitive play, especially in UT Champions.

Advanced defense will certainly be developed in new parts and may soon completely replace Tactical in online modes.

What else has changed in FC24’s defense?

EA has done some serious work on the details of the selections, but clear changes are only visible for the top players with playstyles. Moreover, some feeders noticed a deterioration in the jockey and chaos during tackling – animations work partially or overlap each other and provoke the ball to bounce from defenders to attackers.

The situation is worsened by attacking playstyles – for example, cheat dribbling through RB/R1 and the Skill+ skill. The playing styles of Pursuit+ (jockey), Anticipation+ (tackling), Fighting+ (body tackling) and tactical narrowing of defense to 40-45 points will greatly help in defense.

How to win at FC24: useful tips

The FC24 game uses various methods and tricks that you can use to defeat your opponent. The following helpful tips will help you improve your game and win more often:

  • Control players without the ball. Creating strong points and filling in zones on the field will allow you to quickly adapt to the opponent’s tactics.
  • Use twisting shots and changing the direction of the shot more often to get past defenders and score a goal.
  • Try to play the ball closer to the goalkeeper; your opponent approaches this area with caution.
  • Be tricky and use rule violations to draw the referee’s attention to your opponent’s violations.
  • In defense, try not to rush at attacking players, making an unnecessary silhouette jumping component.
  • Coins can be earned by playing Squad Battles, which will improve your team composition and increase your chances of winning.
  • Complete tasks – seasonal, daily, and team, they will help improve management and get bonuses.

Tackling the ball and controlling the goalkeeper are important elements of the game in FC24. Advanced Defense and Active Defense are the best practice tackling techniques to help you control the game and prevent passes toward your goal. Manually controlling the goalkeeper is also important for completing many tasks on the field. In addition, our tips will help improve your game and increase your chances of winning.

You can use these tips and you can also use boosting services to succeed in the game. The services of such companies are limited not only to the purchase of currency or leveling up – they also have coaching services, when professional gamers in various games teach ordinary players to play on their own.

It is also worth studying guides on a topic that interests you, and watching streams and competitions – then you will play at a professional level.

Article and permission to publish here provided by Daniel Davis. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on January 3, 2024.

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