Our 2022 All Star Seasoned Leadership in Action™ Interviews!

2022 All Star

2022 has been a year of dramatic dynamics and events, some unforeseen and others unexpected.

On one hand we are on the tail end of the Coronavirus pandemic (but still not out of the woods) however the Supply Chain disruptions caused by the pandemic continue with more and different products being affected for the foreseeable future.

The war in Ukraine, inflationary price pressures, and continued political instability continue to impact our daily lives.

Yet we believe we are entering a period of Supply Chain Renaissance. A Moment of Truth for Supply Chain leaders to decide to either progress and forge the future or relapse into the old ways of doing things.

In these difficult and challenging times we need leadership in every company, in every institution and in every government to take the necessary steps to solve problems and make things better for all of humanity, and the planet we live on.

It is now that it is important to hear from our best 2022 All Star leaders. Here we have compiled a summary of our 2022 All Star Seasoned Leadership in Action™ interviews.

1. Drew Morgan, Director of Supply Chain and Procurement, ModusLink

Our first interview of 2022 was with Drew Morgan. Having worked with Drew in the past and accomplished some great things working together, I can personally attest to the tremendous leadership, knowledge and drive that Drew brings to the job each and every day.

2. Dr. Muddassir Ahmed, Founder and CEO, SCMDOJO

Muddassir is one of the key global influencers in Supply Chain. Through his work and his website he provides a platform to help educate, train and inform those new to Supply Chain as well as to professionals looking to develop and leverage his tremendous insights and resources.

3. Renzo Francotto, Principal and Independent Consultant, RF Proservices and Consulting Inc.

Renzo is another former colleague who continues to leverage his vast experience and knowledge to help companies and advance the profession. His practical approach combined with real world experience and hands on engagement make his service offering formidable and essential for companies in need.

4. Lorrie Watts, Director of Logistics, Red Stag Fulfillment

From the inception of Supply Chain Game Changer to today one of the great and supportive relationships we’ve had is with Red Stag Fulfillment. Our mission has always been to share experiences and expertise to help others and the team there has graciously helped us by allowing us to share some of their content with our audience. Here is our interview with one of Red Stag’s great leaders, Lorrie Watts.

5. La Chang, CEO, Think Global Logistics (TGL)

This year we had the pleasant opportunity of participating in a podcast with La Chang. As the leader of Think Global Logistics (TGL) it was very clear that La had a great interest in understanding other perspectives and sharing his views.


First we’d like to thank all of the 2022 All Star leaders who interviewed with us. Taking the time to share a little about your journey, your views, and your advice is helpful for everyone who takes the time to ready your interviews.

Second we would like to thank all of our readers. We invite you to email us at [email protected] if you would like to participate in one of our interviews, or if there is someone else you think would be great for us to interview.

Originally published on December 13, 2022.