Our 2021 All Star Seasoned Leadership in Action™ Interviews!

Seasoned Leadership in Action™

2021 has been one of the most turbulent years in history for Supply Chain. Across every company, every industry, every country, and every aspect of Supply Chain there has been some level of upheaval.

In some circumstances things are improving. In others, such as Chip shortages and Shipping Logistics, things seem to be only getting worse.

It is during these trying times when it’s important to hear from our best leaders. Here we have compiled a summary of our 2021 Seasoned Leadership in Action™ interviews.

1. Stephen Beard, VP of Solutions at Flexe

Our first interview of the year was with Stephen Beard, VP at Flexe. Stephen was a former colleague of ours at ModusLink. He’s an inspiring leader with extremely broad experience in all aspects of Sales and Operations. Flexe delivers technology-powered omnichannel Logistics programs.

2. Will Chu, CEO at Vector

Our second interview is with Will Chu, CEO of Vector. Vector’s technology enables streamlined communication and greater transparency into the operations of Logistics and Field Services companies. And never before has the need for better communication and transparency in Logistics been stronger.

3. Grant Chapman, President at Kroeger

Grant Chapman, President at Kroeger, is a former colleague with whom I have the unique distinction of starting at a company on the same day. Grant is perfectly suited to be leading Kroeger, a 51 year old stocking distributor, representing some of the largest and best toy creators in the world through wholesale distribution of proprietary lines within the North American retail environment.

4. Fiona Lowbridge, Vice President, Client Success at ALOM

Fiona Lowbridge, VP at ALOM, is also a former colleague. Her candid input and commitment helped shape the vision and strategy with I created and deployed at our former company. ALOM develops customized and innovative technology solutions for their customers that optimize the flow of goods and provide secure order/transaction processing. 

BONUS: Great Career Advice from Industry Leaders

With over 30 interviews in our Seasoned Leadership in Action™ Interview catalogue we have compiled several excerpt articles based on themes from those interviews. Our latest compilation provides a summary of Career Advice from these leaders. Please note that this article does not include content from our 2021 interviews.

We extend our thanks to all of the leaders who have participated in our Seasoned Leadership in Action™ Interview series. If you or someone you know would like to participate in this series please send us an email at [email protected].

Originally published on December 7, 2021.