Virtual Reality (VR) is Enhancing E-Commerce Shopping! (Infographic)

VIrtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) is something we’ve been hearing a lot about recently, but did you know your shopping experience could be influenced by this in the not too distant future? Or perhaps it already has?

In this infographic, we’ll explore how virtual reality is changing online shopping (and subsequently the ecommerce fulfillment operations behind the scenes) by creating a virtual shopping experience (v-commerce) many are finding hard to forget.

We’ll look at the different ways VR can be used, including the experience it creates and the implementation of another innovative feature – augmented reality (AR). Any business thinking about incorporating AR/VR into their business model should consult an attorney specializing in the space.

We’ll also delve into what effect this could be having on brick-and-mortar stores, and how retailers can bridge the gap between physical and online stores. This is important because customers are enjoying VR and all it has to offer, which means stores are having to find ways to manage customer expectations while protecting themselves from this latest technological advancement.

And finally, we’ll finish with some interesting examples of how retailers are using VR to create a unique, and unforgettable, shopping experience. Key examples include Swedish furniture manufacturer, IKEA; car manufacturer, Audi; online marketplace, eBay; and the e-commerce platform, Shopify.

Companies that leverage the latest technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are positioned to create an enhanced Customer experience.  And this competitively differentiated Customer experience provides the opportunity for significant growth and market share gains.

At a minimum the application of these technologies reflect a realization that companies can not be stagnant.  They need to continually look for new ways to reinvent themselves not only to support growth but to ensure their very survival while also ensuring customer privacy!

Virtual reality article and permission to publish here provided by Jake Rheude at Red Stag Fulfillment. Originally published on Supply Chain Game Changer on October 18, 2017.

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  2. What an enlightening post it was! It was power-packed with a lot of information that might be new to the audience and I can’t wait to dig deep the opportunities VR has got to offer. Who doesn’t love shopping? The best part is being able to shop at ease and convenience, and VR has finally made it possible.

  3. VR stands for Virtual Reality, a technology that helps create a realistic virtual environment or simulation.
    The use of VR Technology in Ecommerce websites makes shopping more attractive and interesting for the users.

    Thanks for sharing this amazing information

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