How to Cut Costs on Company Vehicles!

Company Vehicles

Company vehicles can speak volumes about an organization and who they are as a brand, yet unfortunately, small businesses cannot always stretch their budget far enough to accommodate their employees’ transportation needs. 

Thankfully there are some ways in which you can cut costs without sacrificing quality; all it takes is a little time and dedication (and the right dealership). If you need to supply the rides for yourself, your loyal staff members, or both, here are some top tips to consider. 

Consider Buying Used

Used does not have to mean bad by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, some of the top used car dealerships go way out of their way to make sure their cars are in perfect condition, complete with a strong warranty. 

If you needed to buy company cars but wanted to cut the costs, this is perhaps one of the best ways forward. 

Opting to go for a dealership that takes a customer-first approach could help you discover the best deal to fit your particular needs. For a great example of this, you may want to seek out used cars Ebbw Vale based, as this can give you some greater insight into what you should expect from a reliable car dealership. Or you may need to have to transport company cars.

 Whether you’re buying new or used cars, don’t forget to get insurance.

Tax Credits (Depending on the Model)

If you want to save yourself some tax money and embrace sustainability at the same time, an electric car could be a wise choice, as there are tax credits in place currently to support those who go for the greener alternative, and the figures might even be on the increase

This can also look great for your brand as a whole, which is particularly important for small businesses trying to make an impact. If your customers can see your commitment to sustainability via your vehicle choice, you may be able to better demonstrate your self-awareness and corporate responsibility.  

Leasing Vehicles 

You could always think about going the leasing route as opposed to buying, as this will likely be much cheaper in the short term. Depending on how long you need the car for, there will likely be an option to suit your personal needs as a company.

The business industry has the habit of moving fairly quickly, and sometimes this happens via shrinking, so if you are unsure about the security of your finances, leasing might be the next best option. 

Use Tracking Technology 

If you have ever needed to manage a fleet before, you will likely be well aware of the many benefits that advanced tracking technology can bring to the table. Implementing it into your company vehicles can be a wonderful way of saving huge amounts of money. This is often simply a result of streamlining everyday routes that your employees might be taking. 

This can help you cut down on the cost of fuel and possibly even a good portion of taxation while you are at it. 

Whatever you decide to end up doing, carefully devising a budget first should be the best course of action. 

Company vehicles article and permission to publish here provided by Carol Trehearn. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on November 8, 2021.

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