Tips for Tracing Fake Coin Offerings!

Fake Coin

The cryptocurrency market is tough to be understood for anyone who has just entered it. To get precise information about cryptocurrencies, you must spend some time with them. So, you need to ensure that you pick up the right coin, but it is impossible when you are in a world of many fake coin offerings.

Without appropriate knowledge of cryptocurrencies, perhaps it will be a challenging task for you to get used to the fluctuations. So, the foremost thing that is going to be very helpful in the cryptocurrency market is nothing but knowledge.

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Today, there have been a lot of companies that are created in the virtual world only. They do not have any physical airlines, so trusting in their initial coin offerings can be very difficult.

Nevertheless, if you want a very bright and successful cryptocurrency trading career, you must be capable of tracing if the initial coin offering you will choose is good or not. So, some of the things you can do as specified in this post for your clear understanding of tracing fake coin offerings.

1. Check the verification code

As the digital token market is highly volatile, things will always change. Whenever you purchase an initial coin offering, you will find that the company will provide you with a verification code. Double-checking the initial coin offering code can easily ensure that you are choosing the right and genuine initial offering.

2. Read out the reviews

Whenever a particular digital token is launched for the first time in the market, it has been reviewed by many people. So, the more people review a particular coin, the more will be reviewed on the Internet. Therefore, reading reviews regarding a particular initial coin offering can provide insight into whether it is fake.

Moreover, it will be beneficial in understanding the genuine status. If it is not genuine, you will find no reviews over the Internet; therefore, you can be aware.

3. Make sure to search for the address on Google

Whenever there is a new initial coin offering in the market, it is uploaded to the Internet. But, you need to know that a particular address is given to the initial coin. Therefore, if you want to check the genuine status of the initial coin offering, you have to make sure to check its address on Google.

Yes, the address will be uploaded to the Google website and another search engine so people can know about them. But, if the coin is fake, perhaps there will not be any trace of the coin over the Internet, which is why you can easily spot the initial fake coin offering.

4. Check if it is blocked

Some of the companies are blocked by the authorities, and still, they keep initiating new coins in the market to scam people. It is the best method used by some companies that were popular in the past but are now blocked.

So, you first have to check the genuine status of a particular initial coin offering to check if it is blocked. If the company is blocked already, perhaps it is a scam, and you should stay away from these coins. It is going to provide you with complete protection from being scammed.

5. Find the token on multiple exchanges

A straightforward and sophisticated means of checking if a coin is fake or genuine is to find it on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges. Popular companies launch their initial coin offerings and provide access to multiple cryptocurrency exchanges.

It is to ensure that the cryptocurrency exchange is selling the services of that particular company and, therefore, making its reach. But, the entirely fake coins will not be available on the popular cryptocurrency exchanges. 

6. Look for a license from the company

The company providing you with an initial coin offering will be licensed. But, if the coin is fake, the company will not have a license. Whenever there is a genuine company in the market, you will find it has a true identity. To initiate trust in the people’s minds, the company will show the license on the online platforms.

But, for an initial coin offering that is fake, the company will not be licensed. If there is one, there is a serial number that you can quickly check if the authorities officially verify it.

7. Talk to the experts

Regardless of the above-given tips, the best thing you can do to find out about an initial coin offering you can to talk to the experts. Nowadays, people are not selfish, but some experts like to help others. The newcomers into the market find it very mesmerizing to look up to the new initial coin offerings due to their low prices.

But, they must ensure they talk to the experts to know how to pick the right one. In addition, talking to the experts can help you determine if the new coin launched into the market is fake or real.

Fake coin offering article and permission to publish here provided by Jean Nichols. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on October 20, 2022.
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