How Near-Field Communication Technology Improves Your Business Performance!

Near-Field Communication Technology

Near-field communication technology (NFC) is an increasingly popular solution offering wireless connectivity, enabling seamless communication and data exchange between NFC-enabled tags or devices.

It’s a type of radio communication that allows for two-way interactions, wherein one device transmits an electromagnetic field to another nearby.  

Moreover, NFC technology makes it easy to connect devices wirelessly without pairing them manually. Generally, many people use NFC daily without realizing it. This signal can be used to transfer data or initiate tasks like making payments. Typically, it’s used in contactless payment using smartphones and the best digital business card

However, for businesses, NFC offers much more than just mobile payments. Its potential applications range from streamlining back-end processes to enhancing customer service experiences. Whether you run a restaurant or manage a retail store chain, implementing near-field technology can help boost your business’s productivity and reputation.  

Read on for further insight into how NFC can help your business reach peak performance. 

Practical Ways Businesses Use NFC Technology 

By leveraging NFC technology, your business can benefit through enhanced operational efficiency. Here are four main areas where businesses can use near-field communications: 

1. Payments 

As briefly mentioned, near-field technology makes payments easier and faster for businesses. It allows customers to make purchases with a simple tap of their payment card or by holding their phone up to the reader. This eliminates the need for long lines at cash registers and prevents lost or stolen credit cards from being used in stores. Plus, it reduces fraud as all transactions are tracked electronically and securely stored on an encrypted server. 

With near-field technology, businesses can accept payments from multiple sources, including debit cards, prepaid cards, loyalty programs, gift cards, and digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Wallet. 

2. Identity Verification 

Aside from making financial transactions easier, you can also use NFC for identity verification. This feature is especially beneficial in workplaces where employees must enter secure areas or handle sensitive information. NFC-enabled identification cards allow only authorized individuals to gain access and provide an added layer of security beyond traditional methods such as passwords or physical keys. 

This technology also eliminates the need for manual processes like issuing badges or codes every time a new employee arrives onsite. Furthermore, NFC makes it easy to revoke access by deactivating the card without replacing any hardware.   

3. Controlled Access 

Aside from making financial transactions easier, you can also use near-field technology to control access to the workplace. This is a great way to improve the security of your business and ensure that only authorized personnel have access to certain areas or resources. This technology can add a layer of security beyond traditional methods such as passwords or physical keys. 

With NFC technology, you can set restrictions for who has access and when they are allowed in. This technology also eliminates the need for manual processes like issuing badges or codes every time a new employee arrives onsite. Furthermore, NFC makes it easy to revoke access by deactivating the card without replacing any hardware.   

Here are some ways you can use near-field technology for controlled access: 

  • Install readers with NFC cards or tags at entrances to restricted areas 
  • Utilize biometric authentication such as fingerprint scanning 
  • Set up an alert system that will notify managers any time unauthorized personnel try to gain entry 
  • Implement two-factor authentication using NFC cards or tags and passwords 

These measures allow you to track who enters what locations and when, giving you greater visibility into your operations. By implementing near-field technology for controlled access, businesses can rest assured that their assets are protected against unwanted intrusions.  

What Are The Benefits Of NFC? 

The use of near-field technology offers a variety of benefits. It has the potential to streamline customer experiences, reduce costs and increase security for businesses. That said, here are some of its other benefits: 

1. Ease Of Accessibility 

Not only does NFC technology offer numerous benefits, but it is also straightforward to access. Here are the main reasons why NFC can make your business operations more efficient and cost-effective: 

  • Easy integration with existing infrastructure 
  • Quick setup process 
  • Low maintenance costs 

The ease of accessibility makes it an excellent choice for businesses to streamline their processes without investing too much time or money into the implementation. This allows businesses to get up and running with minimal effort required quickly. Furthermore, its low maintenance requirements can enable business owners to keep their systems running smoothly without worrying about extra costs associated with upkeep. 

2. Greater Security 

Near-field communication technology has the potential to improve security for businesses. It can be used to identify and authenticate users and encrypt data stored on devices or sent between them, making it difficult for hackers to gain access to sensitive information, which reduces the risk of a breach in security.  

Additionally, it can help protect against fraud by using tokenization to safeguard your data and prevent payment fraud. At the same time, it also allows businesses to track their goods more accurately, making detecting suspicious activity easier. These measures can give companies greater peace of mind when protecting their assets.  

3. Saves Time 

NFC technology has many advantages when it comes to saving time. It simplifies paying for goods and services, as customers can tap their phones or cards on a point-of-sale (POS) terminal. This eliminates the need to wait in line to pay with cash, saving both customer and business owner time.  

In addition, near-field communication (NFC) enables retailers to quickly handle customer inquiries by providing helpful information directly from their mobile devices. For example, instead of having customers fill out forms or answer questions on paper, they can scan an NFC chip that contains all the necessary information about them. 

With NFC-enabled POS systems, automatic payment processing helps streamline transactions, so businesses don’t have to worry about counting change or dealing with credit card disputes afterward.  

4. Network Connectivity Is Not Required 

Near-field technology doesn’t need a network connection to function. This means businesses can use it without needing to set up and maintain an internet connection or pay for any monthly fees associated with that service. The system is also faster than traditional wireless networks, as there are no delays in data transmission due to distance.  

Lastly, because this type of communication uses shorter-range radio frequencies, it has improved security features that help protect sensitive information.  

5. Enhanced Customer Experience 

This technology can help promote a better buying experience, providing customers with flexibility when choosing their mode of payment. This way, customers won’t be limited to cash or cards, as they can opt for a more convenient way to pay for their purchases. 

Through this convenience and flexibility, businesses can strengthen customer relationships, improve customer retention, enhance brand recognition, and increase profits, resulting in an improved business performance that benefits the retailer and its customers. 


NFC technology has been revolutionary in helping modern businesses manage their operations. It’s a great tool that provides convenience and security for customers and business owners. And with its secure payments system, time-saving capabilities, lack of reliance on networks, and enhanced user experience, it’s no wonder near-field communication technology has become increasingly popular in all forms of businesses.  

Overall, NFC technology offers a range of benefits that can significantly help improve any business performance. So, if you’re looking for a way to boost your company’s efficiency, then near-field communication could be the perfect solution.

Near-Field Communication Technology article and permission to publish here provided by Claire Glassman. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on March 30, 2023.