Does Access Matting Hurt the Environment?

Access Matting

Access matting is a process of using mats to create a barrier between the earth and a job site. Often access matting is used during oil drilling or other large construction projects. These mats create a barrier for specific ground protection. 

There are many different materials that access mats can be made out of. These materials might include wood, composite, fiberglass, rubber, or plastic.

Access matting prevents environmental damage, and although many people associate all aspects of the oil and construction industry with hurting the environment, it actually does the opposite. 

Not only can access matting help you get your project done faster, but it can also help prevent negative environmental impact.

Decrease Ground Disturbance 

There is much more to environmental damage than simply secreting substances, environmental damage can also happen due to pressure and ground disturbance. 

By creating a barrier between your equipment and the earth, you utilize a major key in preventing damage to the environment. Access mats specifically prevent the ground from being heavily trafficked, which means that sensitive flora and fauna are protected. 

Avoid Soil and Weed Contamination

In order to help the ground recover quickly from the traffic of heavy equipment, access mats prevent contamination in the first place. If the soil and weed underway are not directly affected, it creates preventative measures rather than the need to rebuild and regrow afterward.

Protect your Crew

Those who work on your projects are also important, and access matting allows you and your crew to access difficult terrain that might otherwise be dangerous to cross over. Additionally, access matting can help you to also avoid unnecessary crew injuries, which will in turn save your company money in worker’s comp.

Disregard Weather Conditions

Hard rains can leave the earth soft, wet, and muddy. Typically, heavy construction equipment can damage the environment more in these weather conditions. By using access matting you will not need to worry about leaving tire marks or huge ruts behind. 

Tire marks and ruts can be avoided because access mats essentially create a barrier or a road between your worksite and the ground. Instead of leaving the work site a mess, you can instead leave it the way you found it. 

Prevent Cross-Contamination

You might not be aware of the leakage that occurs from different machinery. Whether these leaks include chemicals, oil, or other substances, access matting helps to protect and avoid cross-contamination by creating an effective barrier. 

Access Difficult Terrain

Protecting the environment should always be at the forefront of your mind, but the safety of your crew should be as well. 

More Information

The bottom line is that access matting is actually helpful for preventing environmental damage and does not hurt the environment. If you are looking for more information on why, or how, access matting helps to prevent the destruction of the environment, contact Diamond T Services. We can give you more information and help you design a plan for your own projects.

Access matting article and permission to publish here provided by Skyler Malley at Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on June 9, 2020.