Coliving as a Format: Why is it Needed and How to Organize!


A classic coliving, in simple words, is a place where a group of people who are in no way related to each other live.

In the United States, the boom of coworking occurred in the mid-2000s in San Francisco amid rising real estate prices, the mortgage crisis and a new wave of venture capital investments in startups. Now the attempt to co living nyc has not slept.

Young entrepreneurs and researchers – employees of large technology companies (Apple, Tesla, Google) began to collectively rent empty mansions, turn them into work and living space with shared living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, food delivery and cleaning.

To be among your own

The format of coliving is chosen by both employees of one large company and people from different industries, but with common interests. In this form of accommodation, the most valuable is the community.

Coliving centers are characterized by comfortable conditions, convenient work areas and dining rooms. Due to the fact that a person has the opportunity to live and work in one place, and there are many like-minded people around, the creative process is activated, it is possible to plunge into your project with your head and quickly implement it.

More time for yourself

Usually this form of cohabitation is chosen by those who work remotely, freelance or as a team of a large company.

Residents of co-working centers work at home, they are not tied to the working hours of coworking spaces, they can work at any time of the day or night.


Young people often want to be flexible and easily change housing. And in this case, long-term rent is not the best option, and short-term rent is much more expensive given the cost of living. Moreover, in cities with high demand for housing it is sometimes difficult to find an apartment for a short period of time.

Therefore, they choose co-living rooms, which are usually modernly furnished, and the cost of living includes utilities, regular cleaning, bedding and toiletries, food ordering, etc., a prime example is

What are the requirements for houses and apartments for the coworking format:

1. Full-size 2-room and three-room layouts, ideally – “open-plan”. The residential complex should have multifunctional infrastructure and be located in or near the central business district. 

Modern people no longer want to spend time and money on the road and traffic jams. This means that it will significantly save energy and money.

2. Comfortable space for a reasonable price. Coliving is a democratic solution when people are able to defend personal boundaries and get along with each other. It is important that the residential complex has services: laundry, cinema, shopping center, etc.

3. A complex where the family audience is not the main backbone of the residents. On the contrary, they are looking for complexes where there are more young single people, couples without children, an appropriate pool of tenants and an emphasis on landscaping. Better places to work outside with the internet than a second children’s town. 

It should be understood that coliving is a consequence of the sharing economy, which is already sweeping away everything in its path. Time will tell whether it will be a widespread practice. But no one doubts that some of the coliving will grow in the near future.

Coliving article and permission to publish here provided by Yanis Temby. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on December 29, 2022.

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